Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Face

Look at those thighs! I love this rolly boy! I know that his fat rolls won't last forever but they are my favorite!

I have been trying to get a picture of Remy making this face for months! He makes a little sniffle noise when he does it ! Their is a picture of me doing this when I was six months old I will have to scan it and post it!

I just love those little teeth ! But I sure hate when they are working on getting new ones!

Our Mechanic

Hudson loves engines!!! He always is asking to see any one's car engine! He always loves going out to work on the jeep with his dad. This weekend Grandpa Lindz was working on the truck so Hudson went out several times to help them! Any time I told Hudson that he could go out to help he was out in a second!

Goblin Sandwich's

After the pumpkin patch Hudson helped Grandma Lil make Goblin sandwiches. It is a family tradition of ours to have these on Halloween or around Halloween! Hudson loved that he got to help Grandma make them!

You use Hot dogs for the ear's and mouths, a pickle for the nose, and green olives for the eyes!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

While the boys went to the game we headed to the pumpkin patch! They had a ton of old tractor all lined up that the kids could climb on. Hudson had more fun going from tractor to tractor than picking out pumpkins!

Hudson had fun pushing all the pedals !

This is my cute nephew McCoy! They went with us to the pumpkin patch!

Remy, always along for the ride! He is always such a happy pleasant boy!

Remy driving the tractor!

Do those pants look a little tight or is it just me! Remy checking out the miniature pumpkin!

Whatcott Boys

Travis went to the U of U game on Saturday with his dad and brother in law Brandon!
This is a picture of all the boys in the family!

Early Morning!

Happy Boy!

Yummy, eating Grandpa's book mark!

Hudson and Uncle Parley eating breakfast!

Grandpa Lindz and Remy sitting in the new cubby for the fridge that Grandpa has been working on!

Hogle Zoo

Grandma Lil wanted to take Hudson to the Zoo while we were here visiting ! We had a lot of fun!

This was the highlight of the zoo trip! They have a new carousel and Hudson loved it! He smiled the whole time!

This is a sweet pic that my brother took! Check out those teeth!

Our good friends the Juarez's went to the zoo with us! Olivia and Hudson are good buddies and have such a good time every time we get together! So do their Mom's!!

Not quite big enough! Yet!

Remy and Daddy!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Horse Ride

We have a good family friend who invited Hudson over to ride their horses! He had so much fun. First he went on a ride with Maddy and then they let him ride all by himself. He kept saying "I want to go fast" so they trotted him around! He loved it!

Cute boy! Hudson has been sick almost our whole trip to Utah so far. He has been such a good trooper! I love this pic of him other than he has sick eyes! I hope he can get better soon!

Two of my favorite boys! The other one was at home with Grandma napping!

This is Zan, he liked Hudson !

Cute Maddy taking Hudson for a ride!

Big boy riding all by his self! Hudson is practicing for Halloween , he is going to be a cowboy!

Driving Grandpa's Flat bed

Hudson helped Uncle Brady and Travis move the big panels for Grandpa! They loaded them on Grandpa's old flat bed ! Hudson had a good time riding and driving the flat bed!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


This is our cute new niece Paisley! She is little and cuddly! I always love holding a new baby especially when ours is gotten big and old way to fast for me! That newborn stage doesn't last long enough!

This is the best pic we could get of all of them together! Hudson did so good he normally doesn't like having babies or anyone to close! ( maybe it was the cookie bribe that helped)

Here is Remy falling apart! I think he was a little over whelmed!

I love this pic of Remy! You can see his cute little teeth!

Snow Day

We are in Utah visiting for three weeks! We got here on Tuesday really late and in got really cold this weekend and snowed on Sunday. There wasn't much snow but that didn't stop Hudson from having a little fun! It has been freezing cold for our Puerto Rican blood! The low in PR is 75 degrees not 30! Other than being really tired and all of us taking turns being sick we are having fun!

Hudson checking out his snow ball!

Grandma Lil and Hudson made cute mini snow mans! Shortly after Hudson took a big bite!

Trying to throw his snowman at mom!

Throwing snowballs at Uncle Parley! Grandma made Hudson ten snowballs and before he threw each one he would take a big bite out of it!

We went and saw my Aunt Jane and Hudson ran right in her house and said " Hi , I love you, where's your trucks?" He knows how to get down to business!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Remy trying to crawl !

Remy has started to army crawl and will get up his knees for a few seconds! AHH I am not ready for him to be mobile! Sorry this video is really dark so it is hard to see him! It is mostly for Grandmas and Papa's! I guess you will at least be able to see it person in a few days!