Monday, January 31, 2011

The Sink

 This is " The Sink" served at Angie's a restaurant were the locals eat. Travis and I went on a date there on Saturday and there was a group of people eating this and he couldn't get it out of him mind how fun it would be to make your self sick by eating all this ice cream. So for family night we went and tried to eat it. They boys thought it was pretty fun. Remy actually ate some he usually won't even touch ice cream. It has got to be close to a gallon of ice cream with four banana half's and 3 toppings with cool whip and yes that is ice cream piled up high not cool whip! Oh man we needed my brothers to help us out. I probably close to three cups of ice cream which didn't put much of a dent. Hudson ate a ton he enjoyed eating his little heart out! Travis, well he probably won't be eating ice cream for a few days got the shakes, OD.
Don't mind my boy's sick side burns I know your jealous! Travis wants to grow there hair out, I need to at least trim there side burns they look like dirt bags.

 Forget the ice cream I will eat the jam packets! Funny Remy, this is what he was doing when I looked over at him.


This is how close we got! We probably had a bowl left but i think Travis would have passed out. We will have to wait until we have more help. My brother Parley could polish this of by himself he loves challenges like this. We will have to go when he gets home from his mission in June. That is if Trav has recovered by then!

Bath time

 Tea hair is getting pretty long on top so on Sunday I put it in a side pony tail with a clip, she looked pretty cute. I have said this before and I will probably say it again, it is so fun to have a girl to dress up!
 This is my favorite picture, the boys were having a shower so I gave Tea a bath in the kitchen sink. She kept propping her feet up on the edge and looked pretty cute.
 Just enjoying her bath time!

 I am sure she will love this picture when she is older but I love those cute chunky baby bums!

Saturday Fun

 We took the kiddos over to the church Saturday afternoon when Travis got home from studying. We rode wiggle cars, played tag, played basketball, and pretty much had a fun family activity indoors where it was warm. Tea liked going for a few rides as well, notice Remy's face!
 Oh she is so sweet I am lovin this baby girl she is my favorite girl I can say that I only have one!
 Remy's favorite thing to do is to crash he has a wicked turn at high speed, the best fish tale.
 Hudson had a good time racing around with mom, the boys like to use there feet so I had him not cheat and he had a fun time racing mom and Tea.
Tea loved watching the boys run around like usual, she wants to join them so bad she will just flaping her arms and start wiggling around. I love my kids and it was so fun to go and play with them!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

First Snow man

AHhhh! I could just squash her, my friend made this cute hat for her.
It was so fun to teach the boys how to take a small snowball and roll it around to make it huge, they thought that was pretty cool.

Getting ready to do a dead lift, snow gets so heavy.
Favorite boys!
It is pretty sad that we thought it wasn't to cold this day 35 degrees , we must have got used to the cold weather a little or it could just be that  was above 15 degrees for the first time in a long time. 

Camera Clean Up

 Remy's stomach wrinkles, the picture doesn't do justice we were laughing so hard and had to stop reading scriptures and take a picture. He got a little self conscious after and had to check them out himself.

 Remy has been having a hard time going to bed lately, mostly adjusting to not having a binki and has a hard time staying in bed anyways. We will find him asleep on the floor next to Hudson's bed so this was a new spot for him. He turned the light on and decided to fall asleep on a hard piece of wood luckily he didn't have an indent on his face because I went in to check on him and moved him. Last night he was asleep in Hudson's bed with him. I am so glad that they are such good buddies.
 Travis was feeling these buckets up to take out and fill up a little pool to give Daisy a bath in. Remy went in to go potty and I guess he couldn't resist this is how I found him. Hudson had to join in on the fun so they had a early bath .

 Who needs weights when you have kids. They thought it was pretty fun, I did some shoulder presses with the boys and wiggly weight is fun.
I am so grateful for these cute boys! I love them each so much.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Remy!

I can not believe that he is three already, it seems like yesterday that we were driving to the hospital in Puerto Rico at 5:30 in the morning to be induced. I was only five days over but more than ready to have a baby! Remy you are such a blessing to our family! You were born a healthy 8 lbs 15 oz at 4:30 in the afternoon. You were a happy baby from day one and as soon as you could smile thats all you did! You were such a quite baby and never cried. Your brother Hudson was so excited to be a big brother . I remember when you started to babble and make noise that Hudson had a hard time adjusting to you making noise all the sudden because you had been quite for the first months of your life. This morning when I told you happy birthday and you gave me one of your sweet kisses I had so many fun memories of you as a baby go through my thoughts. You are such a funny boy and love to make us all laugh, you are quite animated! You say the funniest things but I think that its the faces you make when you say things that make me smile more. Mom and Dad love you so much thank you for coming to our family! Happy Birthday!

 I asked Remy what kind of cake he would like to have and gave him a few ideas and he decided he wanted a football cake he has a hard time saying football and says "huttball".  All day today when I told him happy birthday or someone would sing to him he would excitedly say " huttball Take" I think he was excited about the cake. That is an improvement since last year, he wouldn't eat even a bite of his cake.
 Grandma Lil, Grandpa Lindz, and aunt Beth joined the birthday party via skype. I am so glad that we can see them some what and they love to see the kiddos.

 Tea is always our center piece at meals, she is a pretty cute one. She just likes to watch us and smile at us.
We started a new tradition for our birthdays, our good friends in PR introduced us to it. You let the birthday boy/girl take a big bite out of the cake! Remy thought that was pretty fun and Hudson really wanted a go at it so he had a turn after, okay Travis did too!
 Just a few days old! I picked a few pictures and wanted to do more but this post would never end. I have way to many favorites but here are just a few we enjoyed!

 This one is for Papa Lindz!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Monster Trucks!

We surprised the boys on Friday with Monster Truck tickets! We have always wanted to take them to one and I happened to see a commercial about it Friday morning so we thought what the heck lets go. The boys had a lot of fun and thought it was pretty cool to see them. They had a pit party before the show so we went early and got up close and personal with the trucks.
Hudson checking out the tires.

It was so loud, luckily we were able to borrow some hearing protection for the boys! I even wore some ear plugs. I love this picture of Hudson, I just happened to take it at the right moment. I guess one of the trucks almost crashed thats why he has such a sweet face. To bad a truck didn't crash I think that would have been a highlight for them.

Just some proof that I was there, I am always behind the camera. Remy would take of his ear muffs in between trucks, he didn't get them back on in time, don't worry I put them on for him right away.

It was pretty cool that they let the kids climb on the tires and meet the drivers. We felt a little out of place with all the rednecks ha ha.