Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Trav's favorite face!

Travis loves to do this to Remy! Oh the things our kids have to endure ! He actually loves it and smiles big every time ! Love you chubby boy!

Cabin Fever!

It has been raining for the past 3 days so we decided to take the boys to Chucky Cheese! We went with a few friends and the kids had a blast running around and playing games!

For all of you that know Hudson he loves monster trucks! I wish we could take him to an event so bad! He loved this ride and used most of his tokens on this!

We have decided that Travis needs to try out for Deal or No Deal! He won the million dollars twice and got 40 tickets each !

Hudson driving the race cars!

Beach Day

I've been meaning to post these pictures for a while! We went to Escarmbrone and while Hudson and Travis were swimming I took the opportunity to take some pics of Remy! He is not running away from me yet when I pull the camera out!

Travis thinking that this would be a great way to carry Remy into the house! He made it safely into the house ! Ahh he makes me nervous sometimes!

Hudson being the cute boy that he is! He looks bigger to me everyday I just can't believe how time fly's! It seems like a few days ago he was my baby! I Love you little man!

Hey at least Remy didn't seem to mind!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

One Year!

I wanted to post this last week on the actual year mark but I never got around to it. So it has been a year and one week today since we moved to Puerto Rico! It seems to have been forever but then I look at Remy and he is 8 months old and that time flew by. What an experience it has been moving so far away from family and from the States. I have grown a lot in the past year and am so grateful to be here with my Hubby and two boys! I don't think that I will ever get used to the humidity and hot weather! It is not so bad during the winter time, in fact I think that I might freeze when I go anywhere cold. There definitely will be a few things I won't miss when we move away: traffic, crazy drivers, bad roads, and the lack of customer service. I will miss the friends we make and the beautiful beaches! We still have two more years left here in Puerto Rico and I plan on making it a good experience! I remember walking into Stake Conference that first Sunday and siting down in the chapel . It was so hot and no air conditioning. The meeting was in Spanish. I was 6 months prego. I looked over at Travis and said " what in the heck are we doing here"? I have thought that same things many times. Then I remember that we knew that we were supposed to come here and we have blessed by following those promptings. So bring on the next two years! PR here we come!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lots of Rain, teeth and googles!

We have had a lot of Hurricanes pass by us and when they do we get crazy thunder and lighting storms along with rain, rain, and some more rain! Which makes it even more miserable in the heat when all the nice clouds go away! When Hurricane Hanna passed by it rained all day! Hudson was going crazy! He had been wanting to ride his bike all day, the rain finally let up to a drizzle so at 5pm Travis took the boys out with a umbrella and Remy in the stroller! Well at about 5:15 it started pouring and they weren't back yet. They came home soaking wet at happy! Remy had water dripping of his ears! Hudson had a blast riding fast in the down pour!
Remy cut his first tooth yesterday! Yeah after a sleepless night and not wanting to eat food he is back to his normal self! I just am hoping and praying that he doesn't bite me! Hudson was taking a bottle by the time he had his first tooth. Remy is still nursing and refuses to take a bottle! He locks his jaw and wants nothing to do with it!

We have discovered that Remy loves to chew on goggles! They are perfect teethers he will chew on the thick bumpy straps for ever. The best part is sometimes I will bring them with us when we run errands and I am sure people are wondering what in the heck is that baby chewing on goggles for! Travis put the goggle on him the other day and I just had to get a picture of him wearing them!