Thursday, April 18, 2013

St. George Trip

 We went to St. George for the weekend with our friends and had so much fun! It was beautiful weather warm and sunny! We stopped at this fun place called The Swig they have way yummy treats and drinks! Tea loves to lick the frosting off, she's her mothers daughter!

 Boy's wanted too get a pic of there colored tongues, Tea joined in the fun.

We went on a fun little hike, I love the red rocks and sand! These kiddos get along so good I wished we lived closer so we could play more often.

Tea was so mad that she didn't get to climb up the big rock, haha Gavin didn't seem to mind!

We found these awesome blue caterpillar along the trail all the kids had a turn holding it, Tea loved it she is such a little bug girl! 

Cute kiddos! 
Travis stuck Tea on this rock, I would say her face explains how she feels.
What can I say... Tea is constantly changing outfits. Sometimes when we put her to bed we find a surprise when we check on her before we go to bed!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Hiking the Y

 It was Hudson's spring break last week so we decided to get dad out of school for a few hrs to go and hike the Y. It was a really steep 12 switch backs, the kiddos did great!
 Remy's new favorite hat to wear!
 This was the first time we have taken Rosie on a hike and didn't really plan ahead, we forgot her bowl so she had her own water bottle.
 I can't believe how grown up Hudson is getting, he is such a good boy!
 We made it!
 I have not loved the hair from this dog in my house, but I have loved having such a good dog for our kiddos!

 We went to my moms for the weekend and had a girls night while the boys were at priesthood session. We made these fun spring banners and I did all there nails. We had a lot of fun, we missed Alley! Hopefully we will do this more often.
Tea has this favorite cupboard at my moms house, my mom cleans it out for her so she can climb in and have a snack.

Easter Weekend

 We decided to take the kiddos to the Provo city Easter egg hunt, holy smokes there where so many people there! They had a fun time and were only allowed to pick up 5 eggs. I was so proud of my boys for following the rules, so many weren't. Remy picked 5 of the same color and was really disappointed that his candy was the same in each one. I think he learned to get different ones next time.

 Tea loves treats, she might take after me! Every time she opened a new egg she would get so excited.

 BYU had there spring scrimmage for free so we went and watched 20 mins until Tea had enough!

 Easter morning after they found there baskets.
 Tea was so sad she couldn't eat Remy's treats too.
 After church, they wanted a picture with Rosie this is the best I could get.

Cute brothers! 

 We went to the Frampton annual Easter egg roll, Hudson almost made it to the finals he was so disappointed  I showed the boys how my name was on the trophy from when I was a little girl they were so impressed.

Grandma Ber won this year, she was so excited! She started this tradition and hasn't won for years!