Monday, March 24, 2008

Egg Roll

Preparing the eggs the night before!!

Remy rolled the egg with his piggys,
he didn't like that much because the egg was freezing cold!

Hudson made it to the final round and came in second place!
Sara won, congrats! :) We were lucky to have my cousin Savanna in town for Easter, it has been so fun to have her here with us. She has ben a ton of help, I wish I had a little more money so I could hire her as our Nanny!! We had our good friends the Draves over for easter dinner and the egg roll. It was a lot of fun to introduce a fun family traditon to our good friends! The kids loved it!

I forgot to post this picture with the other ones.
Hudson making a silly face, he is not so easy to get to smile!

We tried out Remy's big chair. His head is getting so strong,
don't worry my hand was right behind him the whole time!
But don't you think he looks so big!

Easter Sunday

The fixed product!!

My cute boys!

I just love that we can get Remy to smile so much it is so fun!

I hope everyone had a nice Easter Sunday! I have had a few requests for after pictures of my hair so here are a few. We recived these cute shirts and ties as a gift for Remy, and they both looked so handsome in their Sunday shirts.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hudson with the baby lambs a year ago!

This is a video of Hudson a year ago at Papa's farm. We lived with my parents while Travis was going to boot camp. The sheep had baby lambs while we were their and he loved to go and see them. Hudson would go and help grandma feed them! I just found this video on the computer and wanted to share it , Hudson sure has changed! I miss his chubby checks and long hair!! We have a new video of hudson having a laughing attack, we just need to figure out how to put it on the computer, so stay tuned fo that one!

St. Patty's Day Party

Garrett, Noah, Kody, Tessa, And Hudson,
with their green wind mills!

Eating their yummy green lunch!

Yummy green cupcake!

Sara had us over for a St. Patricks day party on monday! She had made green bread for the sandwiches and green punch, with celery sticks for lunch! She slao had hidden four leaf clovers and had them hunt for them! It was so cute and the kids loved it! Thank's Sara for the fun party!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bath Time

We have been giving the boys baths together the past few days! They are so cute in their together and Hudson just loves it!!! It also makes bath time a little quicker doing it together!

Have you ever had a $40 haircut?

Alright, most of you know that Jojo has done hair for quite a while now. She is really good at her trade and those of you who have your hair cut by her know that she is very meticulous and makes sure that she has cut your hair the way you would like. Some of her clients through years have been more picky than others, Jo never minds this and always cuts hair to please. Of all the the picky people we have ever known, when it comes to hair cuts Jojo is the most picky person on earth. Even when she has had a haircut she loved she always has to chop at it here and there to tweak it a little bit and make it her own. Since we have been in PR, chopping at it here and there is quite the under statement. As you scroll down through the pictures try to control your laughter, and I have included some fun Puerto Rican facts. Maybe that will help explain why Jojo's hair ended up with savage looking trim! Also, keep in mind that Jojo went and asked the stylist for an A-line bob. (Those of you who don't know what that is, let me give you is not anything like these pictures!!!)

"Tourism is an important component of Puerto Rican economy supplying an approximate $1.8 billion. In 1999, an estimated 5 million tourists visited the island, most from the U.S. Nearly a third of these are cruise ship passengers." Perhaps the gentleman cutting Jojo's hair was thinking about his upcoming cruise...instead of cutting hair.

In PR, the Jedi religion is the 2nd most dominant religion on the island. This salon was attempting to convert Jo by making her a padwan learner, you can tell by this extra lock of hair the stylist left behind in hopes of her being her path along the Force. Hopefully, she never turns to the Dark-Side and seeks revenge for this awful haircut.

PR manufactures rum, lots and lots of rum. Jack Sparrow has a beach house here next to the rum factory. Perhaps, Jo's stylist had been nipping the rum bottle at Jack's house prior to his appointment?

PR measures fuel using the metric system, so you have to times whatever numbers you see on the sign by 4 to figure out how much you are paying per gallon. Maybe it's just me, but in centimeters or inches I think it is safe to say that Jo's hair is not looking even at all, considering that one side completely curls underneath her chin!

We did want to say thank-you to our friend Sarah who helped to try and fix Jojo's hair. She might have been nervous at the beginning of the task, but lets be honest, could it get any worse? I think I could have duck taped Hudson's eyes shut gave him some scissors and still came out with a better finished product than the salon! Also, this morning Jo was trying to still and some finishing touches and in the end, she still has a manageable haircut. Maybe, ending up with a fix to this hair cut is the real testament to Jojo's talent! She had a lot of comments that her new haircut looked nice at church today, her only response was, "Thank-you," with a smile.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

2 Months old

Two Months old

Remy was 2 months old yesterday! I can not belive how fast time passes!

He had his 2 month check up and he weighed 15 lbs!! I was looking at pictures of Remy when he was just a week old and he has changed so fast! The new born stage dosen't last long enough!! He is as sweet as ever, a big talker and smiler. I am so grateful to be the mom of my two boys! I enjoy being a mom so much, even the hard days are worth it later on.

Remy when he was a week old!

One of those days!

I was going to write about this yesterday when it happened, but by the time I got a chance to I chose to go to bed instead! Yesterday started out with Hudson coming into the kitchen and pulling the bag of popcorn kernals of the counter and spilling them all over the kitchen floor. He was more upset about it than I was. I had to reasure him that it was okay and that we could clean it up. After that I was giving Hudson his breakfast and his nose kept running. I went to get a tissue because I could see a bugger in his nose. So after having him blow his nose a few times we discovered that it wasn't a bugger it was a pea!!! Let me back up and tell you about last night at dinner. Hudson thought it would be funny to put a pea in his nose. Which was funny that he would come up with that but of course we held back our giggles and explained that it wasn't nice manners to do that and its not good to put things in our noses. When we were done eating I went to feed Remy and put him to bed. Travis went into the kitchen to get a wash cloth to wash Hudson off with. So during the few minutes alone Hudson manadges to stich a pea up his nose. Ahhh lets just say I am grateful to have the pea out of his nose the next day other than it be way worse in a few days! No more peas unsupervised!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Look a like part 2

Well here is another picture of Remy and Hudson, can you tell who is who.
Well the first one is Remy! I still can't get over how much they look a like!

Hudson and Remy

On Tuesday Hudson walked over to Remy who was laying on the couch next to me and tried to pick him up!! (Luckly I now better than to leave Remy alone with Hudson.) Then after I told him not to pick Remy up with out Mom's or Dad's help he aked if he could hold him, this doesn't happen very often so I hurried and grabed the camera while Travis helped Hudson hold Remy, it didn't last very long but it sure was cute while it did. Remy has been
giving us lots of smiles lately and it has been fun to see Hudsons reactions to that. He sure loves his brother. I forgot to say that on Sunday when Travis blessed Remy Hudson lost it. While Travis was blessing Remy he kept saying " Remy, Remy bring back my brother," and was crying , so I had to try to calm Hudson down the whole time. Its nice to now that he is so protective of his brother!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!

Remy's Blessing

Travis Blessed Remy on Sunday, he did a nice job. I am so grateful for a such a wonderful Husband an father that he is. I was so nice to be able to have some of our family with us, we wish all of them could have been here. We sure love and miss you.

Were Back

Well it has been a month since I blogged anything, sorry, life has been a little busy. We have had such a fun month. Hudson and Remy are both doing good and are making our lifes so enjoyable. Remy is going to be 2 months old in 5 days I can't belive it. He is getting so cute and chubby. My family came to visit for 2 weeks and we had so much fun being together as a family. They left yesterday and we are all so sad!!

Dad reading night time stories to the boys!

How can you resist kissing those big cheeks!