Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wind Caves

We finally went and hiked to the Wind caves, this is a pretty steep hike. It is mostly all up hill its not to far a 1.6 one way hike. The boys did awesome, Remy complained for a few minutes at the end then once he got over it he was fine. He asked me why they just couldn't build a road to get to the top, haha that would defeat the purpose.
Water break
Tea wanted to get out of the back pack and have a try at the hiking. She did a good job and walked for quite a while, she had a few stumbles and after the last fall she said " all done I get up" . She is talking so much.
This is in side the cave, if you look at the other mountain were the rock is they call it the great wall of china, it wraps around the whole mountain. 
It was so dirty in the cave as you can see, she was covered in dirt, and some of my yogurt.
Taking turns in the whole

When we got home it was time for Tea's nap so I threw her in the kitchen sink and she played in the water and got clean while I fed her bites of her lunch. She picked up this brush and knew exactly what to do with it. Don't worry I cleaned it after!

Parley and Erica Wedding

While I was at my mom's for a few weeks the kids loved having lots of adult attention from Grandparents to Aunts and Uncles. Here they are watching a show together.
Apparently Tea thinks Uncle Par is her personal chair

My brother Parley and Erica were married on 7/11/12 It was a nice wedding and we are so happy for them. We love Erica and are so glad to have a new sister in the family. I told Parley and Erica that they don't need to have kids because as soon as they come around all three of mine are climbing on them.
Aunt Beth came to the temple a little later with my kids and it was raining for a minute and she took this cute picture of Tea
We took the chance to get a quick family picture, haha it was really bright and this is the best we got
I love the Oquirh Mountian temple it is so pretty, its one of my favorites it has the prettiest chandlers.
Cute Grandma Ber and my Mom

She loved this fountain, she almost made it in a few times
I was asked to take some pictures of Parley and Erica a week before the wedding for there announcement, it was a lot of fun! This one is my favorite. 
Finally married!!!
Cute boys helping with the dress

All us sisters! I am pretty lucky to end up with such awesome, fun sisters,I love them!
Erica's men! Remy has been saying to Parley that he was going to marry Erica for a long time. They finally came to an agreement, well Remy did he told Parley that they could both marry her.
Of course we had to stop for a free slurpee on the way home
We had there wedding luncheon at my Moms after the wedding, I had so much fun with planning this and decorating. I pretty much told my Mom what we should do and was good at bossing everyone around hehe, it was fun to use someone else's money too :)! Thank Mom for letting me take over!

See Remy, sneaking in on Erica! haha Parley's nice to share. 

Herriman Lake

My sister and I took the kiddos to Herriman lake one morning to swim. They had a fun time, they have this cement wall to keep some shallow water for the kiddos it was a little dirty I think the water is usually higher but they used it to help with the Herriman fire.
The boys were excited when they saw I was bringing the boogie boards, I heard Hudson telling Remy how fun it was to ride on them on the waves. To bad we were just going to the lake but I am glad he remembers so of our fun PR adventures. They still had a good time with them.

Tea playing in the gross water, we came home and all went straight to the shower.

4 Generations

I have such amazing women in my life, these are two of them!!! This was the best we could get from Tea I am so grateful to have such a wonderful Mom and Grandma I hope that I can be like them one day!

4 Generations Baby Liam, my brother Brady, my dad and grandpa 
Sweet Liam, I get a snuggle and squeeze any chance I can!
Parley in 60 years, Parley in 30 years, Parley now! Its a little family joke!!!
The Thomas nose, they were good sports for this pic, we love you guys!
Tea aka the bread thief, My cousin had he bread all ready and set it down to pull her hair back and next thing she knew was Tea had take a chance and was of with her bread. This wasn't Tea's first time she got away with a few pieces of bread that day.

4th of July

We were able to make it to Delta for the 4th of July this year, we haven't been able to go for a few years so we were excited it work out! We are waiting for the parade to start, the kids got  a ton of candy.
My cute Huddy! He surprised me that morning by shaving of his nasty beard, I was on happy wife!
Aunt Sandy was also in town, It was so nice to see her and visit!!!
Every year these jets fly over main street to start the parade it is pretty neat

We are so grateful for the men and women you have served or are serving our country! I am thankful for a hubby that chose to do that for four years, I respect those wife and families even more than I did before!
I knew they were going to shoot there guns but it still made me jump
One of my favorite parts of the parade is the old tractors, maybe that's a little bit of my dad coming out in me! This is one when Hudson was only one years old, he still loves them too. 
We also took the boys to the derby and let them stay up for the fireworks. They were in love with the derby they raised the ticket price a lot this year I was shocked, I will start saving for next year! The fire works were awesome they always are.