Sunday, September 12, 2010

Broken Wrist

I don't know why but I decided it would be a great time to sprain my ankle and break my wrist! This happened 6 weeks ago. I am now all healed and cast free which is so nice, I never thought it would feel so good to wash my arm. Tea was two weeks old when this happened. I had gotten the okay from my Dr. to start working out. I was out side working out with Travis and I was doing box jumps and feel wrong on my ankle and then caught myself the wrong way with my left arm. It sure made nursing a baby and unpacking all our household goods really interesting.
I am so grateful for a loving husband who was willing to help even more than he already had been. I am also so thankful for my Aunt Coz and cousin Miki who came to the rescue the day the movers came!
The day it happened, this is the sweet splint I was in for a few days before my cast. It was really annoying because I couldnt bend my wrist and my fingers were all wrapped up. Lets just say I have had some really scary hair days the past 6 weeks.
Nice fat ankle!

Cute Kiddos

Um I wish some one could hold me and I would sleep!
We are loving this little girl! I am having so much fun dressing her up all the time.

I love these kiddos! They keep me so busy and tired but I still love them! Tea is such a good baby, very happy and content when her bum is clean and her tummy is full.

First day of Kindergarten

Hudson's first day of Kindergarten, he was so excited to have Daisy walk him to school!!

Remy wanted to wear his backpack and was so sad when he realized that he didn't get to stay.
Hudson was so excited to start school again. His teachers name is Mrs. Cook, she is awesome! He is doing so well and is loving it.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Logan Fair

The boys loved climbing on the big tractors. I thought it was pretty cool until I saw a little boy cut his head open and sending my husband over to help a freaking out mom.

These pigs brought back some good memories, My brother and I raised pigs for 4-H and took them to the fair. I won a few sweet pig belt buckles to prove it.

Before we left I was taking a few pictures of Tea and Remy wanted to be in them. So here he is acting so excited.
I love this one of Remy's cute hand holding Tea's

Remy sharing his toys with sister

Tea Jo

Well I am finally going to update! I think that I have a pretty good excuse as to why I am so behind. The past four weeks have been crazy. Yes having a new baby is crazy enough but when you add me breaking my wrist 2 weeks ago, movers bringing our stuff and Travis starting school that same day one week ago, and Hudson having tubes in his ears, tonsils and adenoids removed this week. I think one of those would make things a little crazy but it has been all at once. I'll start first with updating about having a baby!

Tea Jo was born on 8/9/10 (what a easy date to remember) at 7:15. She weighed 7lbs 9 oz and was 21 inches. She is my smallest and quickest delivery. They started me at 2:00 pm, and I ended up having a natural delivery because my epidural had worn of and was not working. The boys were so excited to have a sister. Aunt Alley and Uncle Brady were kind enough to watch the boys for us. Hudson had a hard time when we left and Brady called about 6:30pm because Hudson was having a hard time wanting to come and see us and the baby at the hospital. We tried explaining that there was no baby yet. We decided to have them bring the boys to the hospital to tell us good night. Right before the phone call they had checked me and I was only a 5, my contractions were getting worse so I received another dose of epidural and was told it would get better in 10 mins. After the phone call it never got better and I felt like I needed to push so the nurse checked me and I was ready to have a baby. Mean while Brady and Alley arrived at the hospital and kept the boys entertained for a few minutes while we had Tea and the boys were able to come in right after they had me all cleaned up and stuff put away. I guess all Tea needed was a phone call from her brother wanting to see her. I am so grateful to be a Mom to a baby girl and two busy boys who adore there sister. They love to hold her and it has been so fun to watch them with her! Remy is quite funny with her, when her eyes are open he gets excited and says, "Her eyes." He also laughs when she hits him in the face even though he does not understand that she can't control that. He loves to find her toes and fingers and has tried to pick her up, he is learning to ask mom first to hold her. Thankfully he hasn't picked her up yet. Hudson loves to give her kisses and rub his cheek on hers. He also loves to hold her. The other night we were trying to have prayers and Tea started fussing so we told him we needed to hurry so mom could feed her. He lifts up his shirt and said " I can give her daddy's milk." Funny boy, we call it mommas milk so he though he could try. I am so grateful for a healthy, baby girl!

Our first family picture
Remy was so excited to hold her and had a quick turn and was nice to think of is brother and said "kids turn". Remy calls Hudson "kids"-- I hope one day he will call him Hudson.

First kiss from daddy!
Remy kept wanting to unwrap her to find her hands and feet. Once he discovered that she had a band-aid on her foot he was really concerned for her owie. He had to find it and kiss it better.

Grandma Ginger was able to come to the hospital to meet Tea.
Grandma Ber and Grandpa Fuddy also came. This is something that I really missed when I had Remy in Puerto Rico. They brought us a yummy fruit basket and Grandma made her a really cute quilt.

proud dad

The nursery put a cute bow in, I am so glad she had a lot of hair like her brothers it is so fun to put cute things in it!
Leaving the hospital. I always seem to forget how small they are in their car seats.
Getting ready for her first bath at home.