Sunday, September 12, 2010

Broken Wrist

I don't know why but I decided it would be a great time to sprain my ankle and break my wrist! This happened 6 weeks ago. I am now all healed and cast free which is so nice, I never thought it would feel so good to wash my arm. Tea was two weeks old when this happened. I had gotten the okay from my Dr. to start working out. I was out side working out with Travis and I was doing box jumps and feel wrong on my ankle and then caught myself the wrong way with my left arm. It sure made nursing a baby and unpacking all our household goods really interesting.
I am so grateful for a loving husband who was willing to help even more than he already had been. I am also so thankful for my Aunt Coz and cousin Miki who came to the rescue the day the movers came!
The day it happened, this is the sweet splint I was in for a few days before my cast. It was really annoying because I couldnt bend my wrist and my fingers were all wrapped up. Lets just say I have had some really scary hair days the past 6 weeks.
Nice fat ankle!


Kateka said...

Ouch!! How funny, of all the injuries I've ever had, it was exactly the same as yours; a sprained ankle and a broken wrist! However, I didn't have them at the same time. BUT I do know how it feels. I am glad you are recovered and everything is going well.