Monday, September 26, 2011

Salt to Saint

 Travis, Brady, and two friends Rode in the Salt to Saint relay bike race. This is there sweet ride they had for there adventure and ended up working out really nice for them. It was really big and had a bed so they could take turns sleeping. My sister in law and I drove down to St.George on Friday night and stayed in my Uncle Marks beautiful home. We had some fun girls time with one of the other wife's.
 The race started at the State capitol, Garret was the first to ride!
 Travis riding in the pouring rain, they had some bad luck with the weather this year. I think they all had to ride in the rain and Travis was lucky enough to ride threw a hail storm!

 Brady took this cool picture, he was hoping that Travis would make it to be in this picture but by the time he reached the top of the hill the fog was gone.
 Travis was the last to ride, he rode threw the finish line for the team.

Here they are all done! Very tired, very stinky, and did I mention stinky! We took them back to the house to shower then had a nice nap. We went out that night for some dinner and shopping. It was such a fun trip I wish I would have taken some pictures with us girls! My sister was kind enough to watch my three kiddos and Parley was around to help. Thanks guys for watching the kiddos!!

End of Summer

 I love how surprised Hudson looks in this picture. A few weeks ago Travis took the camera out to take a few pictures of the kids playing in the water. I am sad for summer to end, we have had such nice weather the past few weeks and I am not ready for winter!!!

First day of school

 Hudson Started the first grade this year, his teacher is Mrs. Saunders. It is so weird to have him gone all day and we miss him, especially Remy. Remy also started preschool this year, he was lucky to get into the USU lab and is loving school!
Little miss is getting so big and has started to walk, she is getting braver and braver everyday. Her hair is long enough to but into two pig tales. It is so fun having a girl, she also loves necklaces and wears them all the time.  She loves to take my necklace off and put it on her, I guess its time to make her a few of her own.