Sunday, August 24, 2008

"These are my recreational clothes" --Nacho Libre

For any of you that have seen Nacho Libre will under stand the quote and how it apply's to this picture! Notice how high his diaper is!!


Duzz: is what my family has called a buzz since we were really young and my brother couldn't say buzz he would say duzz.

I was mid haircut with Hudson and decided to buzz his head! It's hair it will grow back. Travis has been trying to get me to buzz Hudson's hair for a while! Travis was on his way home from work so I just decided to do it and surprise him! Then I buzzed Remy's hair because his bald spot was finally growing in and the rest of his hair was really long! I had Hudson look in the mirror after to see his hair and after a few seconds he said "I don't like it" I felt bad but I think that he just didn't recognize himself.

Check out those awesome cheeks!

I love this face!

Comfy Pants!

I was going threw all of Hudson's old clothes to find the next size in clothes for Remy. I didn't know if I had any 12-18 month summer clothes for him since we won't be able to find summer clothes here soon. Weird I know they think they have seasons here and actually wear sweaters and sometimes coats! I left the room for a minute and a few minutes later Hudson came out of his room and said " Look at my comfy pants"! he had found some pants in the box and put them on. They were a size 18 month pair of pants! I really don't know how he got them on! They looked like they were painted on and definitely flood's ! Funny boy!

Sunday's Best!

His slicked hair!

My mom sent these cute onsise to us forever ago and Remy wears it every week to church! It is the coolest outfit he can be in since church is so hot! We just had to retire this one and move up to the next size! I am just glad she sent two.

Beach day!

Who needs toys when you have a tuperware?

Remy did really good at the beach other than it was to windy! He was covered in sand!

Hudson enjoying the warm water!

Cute cheeks! I can't get enough of this boys chubby cheeks!

Remy floating in his boat at the ocean!

Remy and a failed attempt at pictures!

Remy doing stiff stiff with Travis! This makes me a little nervous every time he does this.

I have been wanting to take new pictures of my boys to put on the walls! Well lets just say that I am convinced that it will never work because he never wants to have his picture taken! He will just pouts and won't smile! So I thought maybe he would be a little more cooperative if they sat on this lion! Well they both wouldn't fit and he ended up just getting mad so i gave up so I wouldn't lose it!

Lizard Costco

Every once in a while we find a small lizard in our house. Well Hudson loves to chase the lizards and try to catch them. The other day I am in the kitchen and I hear Hudson yell "Mom look I have a lizard"! He was in his play room and found a lizard and caught it which I am glad because then I don't have to catch it to put it outside. It was a really tiny one and Hudson wanted to keep it. I told him that we needed to let the lizard go so he could go home to his family so we took him outside and let it go. I had a few people come over for haircuts a few minutes later and Hudson wanted to go out and show their kids the lizard he had caught. Travis took them out and the lizard was still their so Hudson caught him again only this time his tall fell of. Hudson was a little concerned about this so Travis tried to explain to him that it was okay because the lizard would get a new tale. Travis could just see his little brain thinking hard the he looked at Travis and said " oh he is going to lizard Costco to get a new one"!! Oh we still laugh about this, the lizard must get a pack of 10 at Costco. I wonder if this poor kids parents go to Costco a little to often!!!

The Pilot

When we were heading home from Utah Hudson won over the pilot in just a few seconds. It was our last flight to get home and Hudson looked over to see a room full of cool buttons. I was in the middle of trying to explain and answer all of his questions when the pilot waved us in. They let Hudson sit in the seat and he asked them a lot of questions. They were very nice and just let him enjoy sitting in the hot seat for a few minuets.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Frampton Family Reunion

We had a fun reunion this year. We did the Triathlon that morning so my mom took our boys and we joined them a little later! Hudson swam all day long. Payton, Tanner, and Hudson played so good together and they went down the water slide all day! It wore him out good! It was so fun to see all the family it had been almost a year since we had seen anyone!

Sally , me , Sadie, and Jessica, These are my girl cousins that I am so close to. We are all the same age and we have had a lot of fun over the years. We are all married except for Jessica who is getting married this Friday and I wish I could be their so badly! Congrats Jessica!

Hudson having a good time on the slide!

Lets just say Hudson stayed awake just long enough to eat a granola bar and then he was out. Notice the wrapper still in his hand!

Remy was also so tired!

Hudson's favorite trucks!

Hudson's loves the trucks at Grandma Gingers house. One she has had since Travis was a boy! Hudson wanted to line them all up and take a picture of them so we did.

All the trucks lined up!

Adie and Remy!

Hudson with the garbage truck!

Hudson attacking Grandma while we were trying to get a few more pics!

Echo Triathlon !

Right before the race. It was freezing!

Travis, me , and Savanna after the race!

While we were in Utah we were able to do the Echo Triathlon on July 12Th. It was both our first time doing one. My cousin Savanna came to visit us in PR in March and was telling us about it. So we decided to do it with her! We had a lot of fun! I was so nervous about it I was having bad dreams a few nights before we did it. My goal was just to finish and not die! I did a lot better than I thought I would. Travis did really well and now we both have the bug to do one again!