Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lizard Costco

Every once in a while we find a small lizard in our house. Well Hudson loves to chase the lizards and try to catch them. The other day I am in the kitchen and I hear Hudson yell "Mom look I have a lizard"! He was in his play room and found a lizard and caught it which I am glad because then I don't have to catch it to put it outside. It was a really tiny one and Hudson wanted to keep it. I told him that we needed to let the lizard go so he could go home to his family so we took him outside and let it go. I had a few people come over for haircuts a few minutes later and Hudson wanted to go out and show their kids the lizard he had caught. Travis took them out and the lizard was still their so Hudson caught him again only this time his tall fell of. Hudson was a little concerned about this so Travis tried to explain to him that it was okay because the lizard would get a new tale. Travis could just see his little brain thinking hard the he looked at Travis and said " oh he is going to lizard Costco to get a new one"!! Oh we still laugh about this, the lizard must get a pack of 10 at Costco. I wonder if this poor kids parents go to Costco a little to often!!!


Brianna said...

That is like the cutest thing ever! I love it when they say funny things. It just shows how observant they are, huh?