Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Camera Clean up

 For mothers day my Mom and Dad gave us tickets to go to Women's conference at BYU for the day. We had so much fun, love my sisters!!!

 Tea getting her hair washed in the sink by daddy!

 Brothers! I find them like this quite often.
 Liam and Remy, cute boys they sure look like cousins.
 We went to Logan for Hudson's dinner date with his teacher and was able to visit some friends while we were there, we sure miss our Logan buddies!
Anna and Tea 
We went in to Hudson's class in Logan to visit his classmates. Tea found the microphone and entertained us. 
Mrs. Abbott and Hudson! BEST TEACHER EVER! We were so sad to move away half way threw the year, it was fun to visit her a few times she is such an amazing teacher and has set the bar to high to ever beat. She let Hudson continue his reading program and he read his 400 books to make it to his dunner date her. She takes them to Angies a local restaurant. 
All the kids that have earned there dinner date


 Freezing at the boys soccer games!

 The boys had a lot of fun playing soccer this year!
 Remy's team

 Tea loved to play after, she would wait so patiently for "her game".
Hudson's team