Thursday, February 25, 2010

Soccer Season

Hudson has been playing soccer for the past few months and has loved it. He has even made a few goals. He has a hard time not pushing and being rough so I think next year we will skip soccer and sign him up for rugby or tackle football.

He loved to kick the ball when then game started and he would get so antsy pacing back and forth until the ref would blow her wistle.
I love this picture, it looks like Hudson is giving his brother some advice and Remy is just loving it! I love that I had two boys in a row they sure love each other and can play really nice together. Remy wanted to join the team all season, he would look at me and then run as fast as he could onto the feild.

Hudson looked forward to this moment all season long! He loves getting his trophy at the end of the season and was so serious and proud!

Loving the trophy! I love when I can get him to smile natural he is such a handsome boy and is growing up to fast!

It was a rainy day all day Saturday so we thought it would be fun to have a picnic in the living room and watch a movie. It was fun and the boys really enjoyed it. Luckily we were able to watch a little bit of the movie before the power went out again. It stopped raining by then so we went out for a walk and the boys found a huge puddle.I think boys have a homming device for anything that will get them dirty , I have just learned to pick my battles and this is one I don't fight unless we are on the way into a store or Church. They splashed and played in that puddle for a good 30 mins. I wish I would have had my camera. Not only were they wet but they were covered from head to toe in watered dowm orange mud! We just sprayed them of with the hose and had a shower. It was a fun family day!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


We went to Culebra again at the begining of the month. We had a really nice missonary couple in our ward that hadn't been yet and wanted to go before the left to go home. It was a lot of fun the boys loved it and had a Grandma and Grandpa for the day. When we arrived in Culebra on the ferry we walked over to were they have all the bus taxis lined up to take you to Flamenco beach. Most of them were full and we made our way to this one. Travis asked the Gentleman if he was driving over. He said he didn't have a driver for his second taxi because his worker went home sick. Travis quickly responded, " Can I drive it". I was a little suprsied he would ask, the man told him that would be great and proceeded to put other people other than just us in the taxi. It was pretty funny and all the people were a little confused as to why there was a white guy driving the Taxi. One of them finaly said, "hey didn't you ride over on the ferry with us"? We did some explaning and all had a good laugh. The owner of the Taxi also told Travis to collect the money at the beach. He was nice did not charge Travis and I, Travis also drove us back to the ferry. It was a new fun way to start our day at Culebra.

The boys hadn't seen the tanks yet so we walked down later in the day to show them. They thought they were pretty cool.

"Boys" this one is for Grandpa Lindz! He would have my brothers raise there fists into the air and say "boys", it was something fun they would always do. He started to do it with Hudson when we used to live near and we have kept the tradition going.

When we were walking down to the tanks a nice couple asked us if we have seen the turtles . We hadn't so they showed us were this pond was and shared there bread with the boys so they could feed them. There was probably 12 turtles that all surfaced once they saw the bread. The boys loved watching them.

As we were walking down to the tanks we all started racing! I am so grateful for fun boys! They really enjoyed it when mom joined in on the fun.

Travis loves to throw the boys in the air, they love it too. He has done this with each of them when they were just little! It is a great way to scare there mom and other on lookers.

Travis can get Remy so high in the air I took a few pictures were you can see only Remy's toes in them. I loved this one though because of Remy's face, pure joy!

At the end of the day while we were cleaning up all our gear the boys had a great time getting as messy as possible in the sand. I don't think there was a spot of clean skin on them. In this picture Hudson said to me, "Mom look at my sand beard"! Silly boy!

Remy might look like he is not enjoying the sand at all but don't let this picture fool you he loved it! And yes if you look close enough his eyelashes are even caked in sand.
I don't know even were to start with this one. As me and Travis were having a snack and watching the boys play we noticed this couple. They were having there own photo shot on the beach for everyone to watch. We had the best entertainment and laughed so hard. I had to sneak of few of my own pictures of them. They did this for about 45mins, posing hundreds of different ways from rolling around in the sand to letting the waves crash over them and when she was done he had a turn too. It was hillarous!!! After watching and being so embarresed for them I would catch Travis every once and a while posing goofy, I was just lucky engough to catch a few and it kept us laughing all day! He would make a great model don't you think?