Saturday, May 30, 2009

Remy's new tricks!

Remy started to do this today and it was so funny! He will walk around the house and just flex his muscles randomly.

We have been working on teaching Remy some sign language. He knows how to do please, more,and just started doing thank you. It is amazing how fast they catch on.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Congrats Parley

My little brother Parley went to the Temple last night for the first time and it was such a nice experience. We once again missed Travis and wished he could have been here with us. Parley is leaving the day before my parents to serve a mission in Brazil. He fly's straight to the MTC in Brazil! I can't believe that he is old enough to go on a mission. In my mind he is still my little 12 year old brother. I am so excited for him and so grateful for his example to me and my boys! We love you Parley and will miss you!

The soon to be Missionaries!

The Family with my brothers cute awesome fiance Alley and my mom's parents, Grandma Ber and Grandpa Fud!

The girls! I am so excited for a new sister Alley! She is awesome I am so glad that I have been able to get to know her better since we've come to visit. She fits right in the family! We love you Alley!

Working on the farm

Remy sitting in the bucket. Remy likes the tractors and four wheelers when they are off and not moving. When they are on he starts climbing up the person who is driving.

Here he is loving the tractor off.

Here Remy is freaking out because the tractor is on! Funny boy!

Playing in the flat bed farm truck. My brother repainted this when he was in high school, I really like the color.
Hudson helping Grandpa Lindz hammer the form for the new cement curb they were working on.

Hogle Zoo

Grandma Lil and Aunt Bethany took the boys to the zoo while I was at the Temple with Hollie. They had a good time seeing all the animals and eating yummy kettle popcorn.

Getting a drink in this awesome drinking fountain that they had when I was a kid.

Hudson on top of the gorilla !

Grandma Lil and the boy's

Congrats Hollie

This is all of Travis's family, plus our soon to be brother in law Joe and his parents.
Travis's sister Hollie is getting married in June in the Mesa Temple. I was able to go when she went to the temple, it was so nice to be there with the family and we all missed Travis! Travis and I have missed attending the Temple. There is not a Temple in PR and we miss it dearly!

The Girls and Joe's Mom.

What we have been up to

We have been in Utah for a week now and are having a lot of fun! We sure miss Travis and can't wait until he comes to be with us for a while! The boys are keeping everyone very busy. My parents are leaving in less than a month on their mission so they are busy getting ready and playing with the grand kids!

The boy's swinging together! Remy, McCoy, and Hudson.
It has been so much fun to see all the cousins together! Hudson has been having lots of fun playing with them.
Swinging with Grandma Ginger!

Hudson and Adie were playing so good together. Later that night Adie got her finger smashed in the door. Hudson was so concerned for her. He said to her, "Oh Adie I'm so sorry you hurt your fingers" .

The boy's have loved playing in the sandbox. I would love to have one of these, but the ants would take over!

Sitting in the cute little camp chairs.
We have been playing a ton outside, the weather is so nice and we do not miss the humidity one bit.

Jumping on tramp!

This is how Remy spends most of his time on the tramp when he is jumping with his brother.

Hudson has been lucky to have lots of rides on the four wheelers, Remy likes to sit on them but then gets really nervous.

Dressed in warm clothes in the morning.
My parents have rented out their farm for when they are gone and they have some goats at the house. The owners come to milk them twice a day and Hudson likes to watch.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Hudson!

This year Hudson wanted a Lighting McQueen cake. My mom helped me. She frosted the King cake and I did lighting! It was a huge hit Hudson loved them!

Hudson and his Uncle Parley, he is leaving on his mission in June to Brazil. Hudson told me the other day that when he turns five he is going on a mission to Brazil with Parley.

Hudson turned 4 on Monday the 18th! This is a little late, but better then never! Happy Birthday Hudson we love you and you are growing into such a wonderful boy! You make me laugh all the time and keep me on my toes! The day you came to our family was one of the best day's in our life! You are such a joy to have in our family! We love you!

Hudson was a lucky boy this year he had three birthday party's. We had a party for him with all his buddies the Saturday before his birthday. We had water games and lunch with cupcakes it was a lot of fun and I will have to post those pictures later. We then had a nice day as a family on his birthday . We took him to build a bear where he chose a horse, and a soccer outfit. We then went to McDonald's for dinner his choice. When we got to Utah we had a party with all his Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles. It was nice to have a party with all the family.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


The boy's and I leave two weeks from today to come to Utah ! We are so excited to see you all! I can't wait to go grocery shoping, or even to walmart! We have a walmart in PR but it is nuts! Some of you might know what I am talking about! Love you all and can't wait to see you!

Swing, bouncing,and picnic table!

Travis made Hudson a swing today! Hudson, as you can see loved it! He has been out swinging all afternoon in the rain.

My baby is going to be 4 years old in less than two weeks! It is crazy! He also will be going to Pre K this year, he goes everyday for a few hours and rides the bus!

The other morning I walked out of my room to this, 2 cute boys bouncing on their balls! ( You know what I mean I didn't know any way else to say it) Remy has great balance just like Hudson did and still does! It is so fun to see them play and get along, dosen't always happen that way!

They had this picnic table at costco and I couldn't pass it up! Remy looks so big sitting at it. I have to put it away after we us it because Remy thinks it is the new best thing to climb up and stand on. If Hudson had his way he would eat every meal at it!