Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Hudson wearing his new cute Christmas jamies from
Grandma Lil, Aunt Bethany made a cute matching pillow
that he sleeps on every night.

Santa brought Hudson a Garbage truck that he loves.

Hudson got a scotter from Grandma Ginger and Grandpa Jed,
he loves to ride around in the house and rides it really good.

Reading a new book from Grandma Lil and Grandpa Lindz.
It is a train book and when Hudson saw it he kept yelling
" Train !" This was our first Christmas away from family.
We sure missed all our family and having a white Christmas,
instead we had very warm weather, it was 85. Not the Christmas
weather we are used to. Thank you for all the wonderful gifts from
everyone. Not to brag but our Christmas decor was all down by 9:15
the next day. I wasn't trying to be a scroge but I don't want to have
a baby and have to come home to Christmas Decor.

Santa comes on Helo

Hudson was so excited to see the Helo again.
as you can tell by his expression in this picture.

Coast Guard Helo Landing on housing Base

Santa came on the Helo to visit all the kids on base.
Hudson now thinks Santa only comes on Helo's oh well
he loved it.

I was really suprised that Husdon would even want to get close to Santa. A few weeks ago we took him with us to the mall to do some shopping. Well Santa was there and Hudson said he wanted to see him so we got closer and I asked him if he wanted to sit on Santa's lap and he quickly said "no". So maybe it helped that this Santa brought presents for all the kids.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hudson's history of hair!

Well were do I start, yesterday I was looking at all our pictures and just started cracking up at some of the pictures of Hudson and his hair. I have to admit I had the hardest time ever wanting to cut his curls off. So what if his hair was long and beautiful , sometimes to long. Sorry to Uncle Brady who wanted us to wait until he got back from his mission to cut his hair. ( Who gets home Feb. 5th yeah!!!) Can you even image how long it would be? I don't think we would have found Hudson under all his hair.

At the hospital, look at all that hair. Everyone would ask "who has the Mexican baby with all the hair ? " My cousin got the biggest kick out of it because all her babies are born bald.
You have to look closely at his sick hair. This is in the begining of September so he was almost 4 months old and desperatly needed his first haircut. Hudson is sporting the comb over look.

Here is a better picture of the comb over taken the same day as the last picture. Hudson is with his Grandma Great!
Getting his first haircut over Labor day Weekend. Bye Bye comb over !
The after picture of his first hair cut. I didn't realize how bad it needed to be cut until after when I saw how cute my big boy was with his new haircut.
Second haircut, the one and only buzz. Travis was at work and I decided to cut his hair. I didn't mean to buzz it this short and I missed all his hair. Travis is still to this day trying to talk me into another buzz cut, I just can't do it! Well I can I just don't want to.

Hudsons hair growing out since the buzz.

Hee Hee mom straightened my hair.

Nice and long when it is straight!
Hudson with his Buddy Olivia I think there might be something wrong when I let my boy's hair be longer than his girlfriends.

At the pumpkin patch Oct 2006! What a cute chubby boy!
New haircut. I still had to leave a little bit of curls.
When Travis left for boot camp he made me promise to not cut his hair until he got back. This is a picture of Hudson a few days after Travis got back from boot camp. We decided to cut his hair short when we got back from running errands that day!
A before back view picture.

After Picture. I think Hudsons hair is a cycle. Long, really long, really short, long.

And last but not least the latest hair do. My friend from our ward took some pictures for us a few days ago before she left to go home for Christmas. She e-mailed a few of them to us to preview and I just love them. She does an awesome job! Thanks Lily!

Christmas Memories

Our first Christmas with Hudson

Hudson enjoyed eating the wraping paper more than
the presents.

Hudson making the same face as the snow man, what do you think?

Hudson loved strings so his Aunt and Uncles made
this for him for Christmas. I think it was his favorite present.

Last christmas was fun, Hudson loved to open the presents.
He got a cool truck from Grandma and Grandpa Whatcott.

This was our second Christmas with Hudson. We are wearing our new Christmas jamies that Grandma Lil made for us. Hudson's jamies were the cutest!

New Rocket from Grandma Lil and Grandpa Lindz. He discovered that he could store treats under the seat and loved that feature.

Monday, December 17, 2007

New Haircut

Travis took pictures of my hair so I made a funny face and know he's making me share it with all of you so sorry that is a little scary.

Well let me start out with telling you all my hair has been driving me crazy since we have been in PR. I would do it sraight and in would begin to grow in size as soon as I left the house. So I thought well maybe my hair will be better curly here. So I would do it and I felt like it looked like I was in the 80's with a new perm, no offense to anyone who has or had that hair do, so then I gave up and everyday I was sporting the fancy ponytail. Well as my pregency went on I began to feel frumper and frumper until I just couldn't stand it. So colored my hair dark again and had travis help me trim my hair. After that haircut I finally decided that I would go and pay to get it cut and short! It was time!! Well if you think $ 20 is too much for a haircut they charged me $70, I am still sick about it and I will not be going back there again. I was told that the lady spoke english. Well she did but not very well because I would ask her something and she would just look at me. So long story short I wanted the front a little longer than the back, got the oppisite and every time I style it I pull out my scissors and have at it. Oh well I feel much better and less frumpy!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Can't Sleep

For all you Mom's out there you know how impossible it is to sleep when you are 4 weeks away from having a baby will understand how fustrating it is. So instead of trying to sleep and being mad that I can't breath or get comfortable I decided to do some more pictures since both my boys are still sound asleep. I already posted some beach pictures the other day but there are just so many that I wanted to share with everyone.

Here is a better picture to understand how far Hudson
was jumping from the top off the hill to the bottom of the hole.

Helping Dad build the hill.

Covered in sand from sliding down on my belly.

Sliding down the big hill.

I had Travis dig the hole deeper to see if we could trap Hudson in to get a good picture of him. Hudson thought it was so fun to try to climb out of the big hole, it didn't take long for him to climb out.

Piones Beach

This is an old rim

Here are a few pictures that Travis took last time we were at the beach.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Our Winter Weather

Hudson and Dad after climbing up the palm tree.

Hudson was a shark for Halloween and my Mom has been wanting a picture of the shark at the beach. This was the best one we could get because he wasn't very happy to be in his costume and not his swimming suit, but it is pretty cute.

Hudson's big jump, he looks
like Michael Jordan.

Hudson and Mom in the big hole.

Hudson had a hard time enjoying getting this
picture taken because he was worried about the
waves getting him.

Well it has been nice to have such nice weather all year round, I am not trying to brag. We actually really miss having some white snow. We really miss being able to bundle up in cute sweaters and scarfs. You might all think we are crazy but we do miss it a little bit. I had a hard time getting Travis to put lights on our tree. He said that it just dosen't really feel like Christmas time with now snow. I had to remind he thats why we need a tree all decorated. Well any ways these pictures our taken at piones beach. It is really nice because it is like having your own private beach. Travis dug a huge hole and hill for Hudson and he just loved it. He would jump of the top of the big hill down into the hole. It was about a 6 foot jump. It made Mom a little nervous but he survived. As we were leaving Travis decided to climb a palm tree, well Hudson thought it would be fun and climbed right up after him. I was standing at the car and ran as fast as a 9 month pregnat Mom could to help Hudson . He was up pretty far and wasn't close enough for Travis to reach him. He had made it up far enough that he was probably 8 feet off the ground. Ahh he has no fear!!! I think he has angles constently watching over him.