Wednesday, July 27, 2011

North Carolina part 2

Hudson and Remy visiting Grandpa at the mission office, they enjoyed some snacks and treats.
Grandpa took Hudson to the Mission office for a few hours. Hudson had fun packing his bag with things to color and do at the office with grandpa. He took his snake and Remys daisy dog with him.
Hudson had a good time visiting with all the office staff, this is the mission secretary.
Tea enjoyed all the extra little time she got to have with papa, I am sure papa enjoyed the extra breaks from work to.

My kiddos had so much fun playing with their aunts and uncles.
Grandma playing games with the boys
Tea's crazy hair after her nap, she pulled out her pigtails.
Grandma did not disappoint the boys with there milkshake orders, they are piglets 
While the boys watched a killin show us girls enjoyed watching a chick flick on moms bed
Grandpa wanted to make the boys a yummy ranch hand breakfast while they were there. He cooked them little steaks, potatoes, eggs, and toast from one of grandmas mini loafs. He saved the little jam jars from a hotel just for this breakfast. He is such a fun grandpa, I am so grateful for the time we got to spend together and can't wait until they are home.
Bed head
We flew home on the 4th of July so we celebrate early, the boys had fun with the fireworks and sparklers. Remy was so funny, he would get his sparkler and wave it around and run right to the bucket of water. He didn't waste anytime.
The boys enjoying there pool grandma found in the attic, cute grandma set up the slip in slide and even joined them. Grandpa tagged along it was so fun the boys loved it. I was threatened with my life to not take any pictures of it :) we will just have to remember that one with out pictures.
Helping Grandma get the corn ready
The boys got hooked up with some sweet glow sticks from aunt Beth and had fun playing with bubbles.
It has been fun to watch my parents with the missionaries, these two came over for dinner on a Sunday night. The missionary that Tea is next had received some bad news from my dad that morning. His dad passed away, I can not even imagine going threw such a hard trail away from family. He is such an awesome example to me, he has stayed and worked threw it. What a blessing to have the plan of salvation, and gospel to help us threw hard times.
Aunt Beth is such a fun aunt, she made this awesome tent for the boys to have a sleep over with her, it was pretty impressive and such a fun idea. She will be such a fun mom one day.

Before they went to bed they watched Tangled with some popcorn and a smoothie.

Tea became friends with the owl too
We played at a few fun parks while we were there, the best part was playing tag with the boys and Par and Beth who knew tag would make you laugh so hard, good times.
We found a few sweet items at a flea market, the boys were in heaven with this optimums prime helmet it even works it says a few sayings but you can change it so you sound like a robot when you talk. Lets just say Travis had a hard time sharing it.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

North Carolina Part 1

Catching fire flies with Aunt Beth, they actually are really easy to catch.
Coloring with Grandpa
Beth made herself a really cute skirt out of some of the missionary ties that have gone home. She also made one for Tea to match and it is so cute.
While we were in NC it was fun to come up with some WODs with out weights and equipment. Travis was really good at being creative, they had a crazy rain storm and a tree feel over in the neighbor hood. The workers cut it up and threw it to the side of the road and Travis went and picked up three to squat with. The fun part was to weigh them after to see how much they weighed.

Don't mind my sweet face, remember that it is an awkward 60 lbs to squat with. See Brady in the back ground, looks like he is working hard eh? If you have never done good mornings before you wouldn't believe how sore you can get from doing these with just a broom stick, they cripple me every time. We were all really sore for a few days.
Tea loved to play with the wind chimes, and of course Grandpa was more than happy to help out!
We made some delicious grandma Ber caramel apples then dipped them in white chocolate and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.
This owl scared Remy for the first few days, he adventually warmed up to it and was willing to share some crackers with it.
We took the chance to drive to Myrtle beach while we were there. Grandma was nice and watched Tea for the day and we all pilled into a vehicle a little to small for all of us. I kept hearing how beautiful Myrtle beach was and was a little disappointed, we were so spoiled in PR that I am sure no beach will ever compare.
The boys had fun burying Aunt Beth. Remy was getting really frustrated when the sand wouldn't cover her feet.

Remy was a little tired and enjoyed a nap on the beach.
We went and got some Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Remy and Husdon were supposed to share, that is until aunt Beth sat next to him with a better flavor option, he is my chocolate boy.
Okay  have you ever heard of the show Diners, dives. and Drive in's. I watched on the food network a few times when we lived in PR so we decided to see if there were any restaurants featured that were on our way home from the beach. We had to drive 45 mins out of our way but we all agreed it was way worth it. They had the yummiest hamburgers and the fried green tomatoes were my favorite.

We had so much fun hanging out with all the family, it was really fun to catch up with Uncle Par and see my kiddos getting to know him again.
Hudson Found this huge beetle at the park we went to for a picnic and smores.
Tea enjoying her picnic!

Grandpa had a hard time getting the marshmallows all over, okay we all did, those huge mallows will do that :)

We really wore out Remy, he doesn't take naps at home anymore because it is such a fight and then he wont go to bed at night. If we were in the car he would say "I am tired I have a little nap?" I would say yes and he would close his eyes immediately and have a nice cat nap. I thought it was funny that he needed my permission to then would go for it.