Friday, March 27, 2009

Church clothes and sick kids!

We went at got Hudson some new church clothes last week. I wanted to start having him wear a white shirt and tie more often. He was so excited and so cute trying clothes on he loved it. He picked out the dinasoaur tie, which he gets confused and call it his tag. This pic is of him wearing his new socks, shoes, and tie. He wanted to wear them around, Travis found his mission tag and put it on him. Hudson then asked for some scriptures and said that he was a missionary!

Already for church, he was so excited to go and show his Sumbeam teachers his new clothes! He has such awesome teachers, they are moving and we will miss them!

Oh the joy of sick kids! Hudson started with a fever on Monday morning and Remy decided to join in the fun on Wednesday! We took them to the doctor yesterday and they tested Hudson for strep, which was negative. They both are doing better today so hopefully we will be done. When Hudson saw the doctor he said " I have a furve" , that is how he has been saying fever it's pretty funny! We made some popcorn and watched a movie, dosen't Remy look so missrable in this picture!
You know your 14 month old is sick when all he wants to do is be held and lays on you! I love how cuddely they get but wish they would do that with out being sick!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Called to Serve!

My dad was called to be a mission President and mother missionary in the Charlotte, North Carolina Mission! They report to the MTC on June 24 or 25th, I can't remember for sure. It has been a crazy week full of different emotions! My parents called on Tuesday and asked if they could talk to us that night! I am one of the worst people to say that to because I worry! My Mom told me everyone was fine. That night they told us about the neat experiences they had the past two weeks meeting with Elder Hales and President Uchtdorf. It has been a long week and lots of questions! I am so grateful for my parents and they're example to me! They will serve for three years. I don't see my family very often as it, living so far away from all our family has been hard. I can't help getting a little sad that we will see them even less! Hudson will be 7 and Remy will be 4. It has been really cute hearing Hudson pray that Grandpa and Grandma can get ready to be missionaries. I wish that I could be close to them this next few months. Bethany will be going with them and I look up to her so much for her willingness to go were ever they ask her too. I don't know that I would have reacted that well to moving and finishing High school somewhere else, I only hope I would have. Love you Beth! Parley will also be putting his Mission papers in early and could leave in June . Love you Par! It will be a long time until we can all be together again, we have been lucky for the past year to all be around for all our visits! I am even more grateful for the plan of salvation and that we can be Eternal Families! I love my family so much and am so thankful for each of them and the close relationships we have. I have been telling Travis that I hope I can be just like my Mom was with us and is when are boy's are teenagers. I remember when girl's would call my brothers and she would get on the phone and say " girls don't call boys"! That is only on of many things she did that I can hope to do! All our friends loved her even though she told them the way it was! She will be an awesome help to those missionaries and smack them around when they need it! Love you Mom! My Dad is one of the most amazing men I know! He has taught me so many important lessons, one that comes to mind right now is to always Serve others! He has always been willing to serve others and I am grateful he has taught me that! Love you Dad! We will all miss you dearly and hope we can see you often! Thank you Mom and Dad for being such wonderful grandparents!


Remy did really good on Friday when he was getting his red dot removed! Thank you to all your thoughts and prayers, I was also able to survive! He now just has a little scratch on his face and it looks better everyday! They were able to just cartarize it so they didn't have to do any stiches! I has been so nice to lay him down to sleep and not worry about him bleeding!
Here is Remy playing Mario cart with Hudon on the Wii he has an empty wheel. He will look at the TV and steer just like his brother! It is pretty funny to watch!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pyogenic Granuloma

I was able to take Remy to the Pediactric Dermatoligist yesterday, which I am thankful for because their were no appointment until March 17th, the doctor was kind enough to squeeze us in. The red dot is a Pyogenic Granuloma which can be caused by trama to the skin. Even a little scratch can turn into this. Any ways long story short he will be able to get it removed on Friday. He will only have a local anastitic and have to be held down! I am not to excited about this but it will better in the long run. So if you could be so kind to Remember Remy in your Prayers we would really appreciate it. It will be nice not to have a random blood fest anymore! Hudson has been really cute and concered for his brother. When I got home from the doctor Hudson said,
"How did Remy do at the doctor's mom? Did he take his red dot of for him?" It was really cute to hear him ask that! He has been a big helper and really paitent when I have to hold Remy down to get it to stop bleeding. Today he sang I love to see The Temple to Remy today when I had to hold him down so I could put pressure on it. It is not fun to do that so I will be so grateful when we are all done.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Remy's Red Dot!

Notice the little red dot below his right eye-

Here it is Friday night-

and now on Saturday morning!!

Remy just won the UFC title!!
You should have seen the other kid!

Always happy to have a bath!

Remy has had a little red dot that has slowly been growing since December. I took him in on Monday to have it looked at and the doctor determined it was just a cherry hemangioma. That all sounds fancy--however what that really means is--if this gets scratched it's gonna bleed like crazy!! Travis was nice and let me sleep in on Saturday and woke me up saying, "Look at this kid!" At first I thought it was poo all over him (If you haven't heard the story 'Hudson's week from Hell'-- ask me later) but it was blood! Some time in the night Remy scratched that little red dot and bled all over. His crib looked awfull too! It looked we had bled a out deer above his crib! We told some of our friends the next day and they all were amazed at the pictures too. We are trying to get an appointment to have the thing removed but the Puerto Rican way of medicine is a little bit, shall we say, slow?! Who knows, maybe we will just wake up to a bloody little boy every once in while.

Hudson Flying

I forgot to post these pics with our trip to Vieques! Hudson loves that his Dad will throw him high in the sky! It makes me nervous but I have gotten a little used to him doing it!

The Trophy!!!

The Green Dragons!

Hudson's last soccer game was on Saturday! By the end of the season he did better about wanting to play! It was a lot of fun to watch their games, they were very entertaining. I'm proud of him for doing his best. I can't beleive how big he is! I love you Huddy good job buddy!
I don't know why he had such a serious face during trophy time! He was so excited to bring his trophy home and it is sitting on our kitchen table with the picture of his team that the coach gave us.

This is one of the referee's, he was really cute with the kids, he would help them up if the fell down to make sure they were okay.
Also, Hudson has been saying some funny things lately, not hard to do when your three!
The other day when Travis got home from work, Hudson said to him, "Mom threw me on the floor today!" (This could sound really bad to a someone that dosen't know me. What happened was that we were playing on our huge bean bag and he fell off and hit his head on the ground)
Then he quickly added "Mom wasn't paying attention and almost crashed today!"
Well thank's Hudson for telling on me! It's true I did have to slam on my brakes but that happens all the time when you drive in PR!