Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Visitors and Sick boys

Our good friends the Yost's from Puerto Rico came by to visit on Saturday. We went to lunch and then went to our house to visit and let the kids play. It was so nice to see them, we really are missing our friends from PR. Travis raked a big pile of leaves for the kids to play in.

Bronson and Kalie
Hudson would have Travis bury him then he would jump out. It made me itchy just watching.

Having so much fun playing in the leaves!

Hudson brought home his first book from school to read! He is growing up so fast, I am so proud of him. He is doing so good and loves school! I love you buddy!
Remy put this cup on his foot and was walking around the house then refused to not take it off to go get Travis from school.I couldn't figure out why he was doing it, He showed Travis when we got back and he laughed and said he is being the guy from How to Train a Dragon movie. Then I understood it, its his peg leg! Funny Boy! I love you Remy you are such a funny boy thanks for always making your mom laugh.

Last Tuesday night the boys all woke up throwing up, they all had food poisoning. What a fun long night. They all ended up sleeping in the play room because it was the easiest way to clean it up. They had all gone to lunch at KFC before coming to pick me up from the airport last Tuesday. Won't be going there ever again.

North Carolina visit

I was able to go and take Tea to meet Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Bethany! It was such a nice trip. Grandma Ber and Grandpa Fuddy came along with me it was nice to have traveling companions. We mostly just sat around and visited and they cuddled with Tea, I don't think that Tea got put down once other than to sleep at night. She was a hit! I am so grateful for my parents example! It has been hard to be back in Utah and not have my parents and Bethany here to see. I think that this will be a long year and a half until they are done, I am trying not to worry about it. This summer we are all going out to see them when Parley gets home from his mission, I am really looking forward to that. Thank goodness for skype, it is so nice to be able to have the boys see them!

Four generations
One last picture before heading to the airport. One of my favorite things about having kids is seeing them interact with there Grandma's and Grandpa's and Aunts and Uncles! My kids are lucky to have such a great extend family who loves them so much.
Don't mind my wrinkly face and double chin I just loved the face Tea is making!
2 months old! My parents yard is so green and pretty so I took Tea out to try to get some pictures of her.
Four Generations. I was so excited when I asked Grandma Ber to come along on the trip she said yes right away. I was so excited to get a picture of us four.
Cute Great grandparents!
Aunt Beth! I love my sister so much and miss her! I keep teasing her that she needs to come and go to USU! She is such and awesome example to me, and a great Aunt to the kiddos! Love you Beth!
It was so fun to see my parents and Beth hold Tea and fight over her! She had some good smiles for them.

Sleeping with Tea, the stress reliever!

Monday, October 11, 2010

2 Months old!

October 10th 2010

I can't believe that she is already 2 months old! The time goes so fast. She is such a good baby, she gives me a few long stretches at night so I am able to get some good sleep and be able to function the next day. She is such a joy and a blessing to have in our home. I am pretty sure she has the sweetest smile and disposition. Her brothers love her and adore her. I love watching them talk to her to get a smile, they even talk in a higher voice like we all do when we talk to baby's, why is it that we do that? We love you baby girl, thank you for coming to our family!

2 month stats
Weight : 11 lbs 52 percentile
Height : 23 1/2 inches 90th percentile
Head : 15 1/2 inches 75th percentile

Green Canyon

October 10th 2010

We went up the canyon to see the leaves on Sunday afternoon. I love the fall when all the leaves are changing colors it is so pretty. The boys had a fun time hiking around.

Brady and Alley stayed for a little bit after the blessing to visit.

Tea's Blessing

I am so grateful to be a mom and wife nothing makes me happier. We are so happy to have Tea in our family she brings such a sweet spirit to our home. She has the best big brothers who love her so much. Travis did such a nice job and I am so grateful for a loving husband that holds the priesthood and is worthy to use it.
Travis family, we sure missed Hollie and Adie. I am so thankful for Travis' family they are awesome. It is days like this that I miss my Parents and Beth the most. I am so glad that I get to see them in four days!!! Brady and Alley came and stayed with us, it always nice to have them here to visit. My Grandma and Grandpa Frampton, Aunt Coz, Aunt Jane, Uncle Dick, Cousin Sally and her two kids also traveled up for the blessing. It was so nice to have some family here.
Travis' Aunt Sage made this beautiful dress for her, I am so glad it still fit it is so pretty!

Proud Daddy!

Catch up

I took a camera class in september, it was four nights one each week. It was a lot of fun to learn how to use my camera in manual and a few other basic photography items. I took the boys to the train tracks and they didn't want to be the best models this day.

Travis asked if this was there mug shot! Nope they just do this on there own.
Thankfully there was a plane that held Remy's attention for a second!
Tea has been smiling and started making cute noises back! I love when baby's start to do this, it is really fun to see the boys talk too her and she smilies and talks back.
I also love her little sneeze! Her hair is getting long enough to put a little clip in it, it is so fun to have a little girl.

It has been really fun to be close to cousins again. We sure miss Addie and can't wait to see her.

Bath time, she is really starting to enjoy them.

Remy loves baseball, he would hit the ball all day if you threw it to him. He also loves football and has loved going to a few USU games with Hudson and Travis.
Poor Hudson had the flu a few weeks ago. Thankfully he is the only one that got it and it only lasted a day. He was so week and feeling really crappy he would throw up then just want to lay on the bathroom floor for a while. I hate when my kids are sick I feel so bad for them.
Remy flying, Travis loves to throw the boys so high up they love it and every time and I don't!
Hudson cut his head open on conference weekend. Travis was gone so I got to be the nurse. Our mirror open up and he jumped up onto the sink and hit the corner right on his head. He probably could have used a stitch but I just decided to butterfly it. He had a sweet hair cut for a few days. I didn't want to cut it and have hair down my cast. His dad was nice and gave him a haircut a few days later.


September 18th 2010

It is so nice to be close to some family now, while in SL one weekend we went to visit my Grandparents.
Hudson asked Grandma Ber if they could make candy, he remembers doing this last summer. She was nice and took him to the store to buy some marshmallows. Remy and Hudson had fun taking turns dipping them in chocolate for every one. They also had a lot of fun playing outside on the playground, I wish I would have taken a picture of Grandpa Fuddy out there with them.
We also went and took Tea to meet Grandpa Thomas, it was so nice to see him. My Grandma Thomas passed away a few months ago and I am sure she got to hold Tea before coming to us. He is doing good and Hudson remembered that he has raspberry bushes and asked how they were growing. I swear he has the best memory he went with me and my mom two falls ago to pick raspberries and still remembers it!

Garden fun

September 18th 2010

My good friend Riva had her cute baby boy Gavin four days after I had Tea! We went to visit them for the day and Riva gave me a ton of yummy veggies from her awesome garden. The kids had a lot of fun helping pick the carrots and loved to eat them. It made me really excited to plant a garden next year.
Hudson, Tea, Remy, Viola, Gavin and Olivia. I am so gratful to have such an awesome friend and it is so nice that our kids all love to play and get along. It has been fun to see them more since we moved back. They just moved and we miss them!!!!
Hudson and Olivia, they both say they are going to get married one day and that Remy and Viola and Gavin and Tea will also get married. Fine with me we love the in-laws!