Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Since I use this as my journal I need to be better about writing more stuff down. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the blessings that have come our way the last few months. After the trip Travis and I took to Texas in search of a job we came home feeling very discouraged! He had several job offers with great companies but none felt right or worth the move to be so far away from family. When we got home I printed one of my favorite quotes off and hung it on the fridge to read a few times a day. It was a hard time for us. Travis was stressed with his big licenseure test for PTA coming up and I had never seen him so worried about what was next and to make it threw the test. It was a time we really relied upon prayers and priesthood blessings!

 This Quote helped me remember to not give up and to put our trust in god. A few days after we got back from Texas Travis received a email from his school about a job opening in Blanding Ut. I told him he was crazy to apply and I didn't want to live in a tiny town that was so far away from anything. He applied anyways and headed down for an interview a few weeks later. In the mean time he had received a few more job offers in a different part of Texas that would give us enough of a income to make the move but they still didn't fill completely right. After he had interviews in Blanding he knew that if he could get this job it would be great for our family. With a lot of prayers we just waited to hear back and knew if that's were we were supposed to move it would work out. It would be the only job in Utah that would pay enough and we would have the chance to be closer to family. They called him and offered him the job a few days earlier than we expected and it was such a blessing to know it was right!! In the next few weeks after that we packed up and made the move to Blanding. The house we are renting is for sale and we have had the help to now this is the right place for out family so we are in the process of buying the home right now. Travis loves his job and they love him. He has a year contract with them and last week they told him they are ripping it up and he has to stay. They are such nice family men to work for and that has been such a blessing. I was telling my Dad and Mom that I am just waiting for something bad to happen because we have had so many things and blessings come our way. I am grateful for the advice my Dad gave me which basically was to stop waiting and that just because we have felt so blessed doesn't mean something bad will happen. I think in my head we have had such a crazy and hard journey for the last four years to get to this point that its to good to be true that we made it in the end!! I am so grateful for our Heavenly Father who hears and answers our prayers and for the words of our leaders that can comfort us and give us hope when we need it the most. 

Frampton Family Reunion 2014

My Mom was in charge of the reunion this year so we went early to help set up. She had the idea to do a mini Triathlon for all the kids, which they loved!!

Getting there medals at the end!

We had a lot of fun visiting with family and swimming all day!

Our good friend Chelsea got married the same afternoon so we made a quick dash to make it there in time to celebrate with them.

Arches with Juarez

Papa Jed and Grandma Ginger stopped by on there way home from a trip and came with us to the Arches and did The Windows hike.

It was fun to have Travis with us this time, the kids were able to explore a little more with him.
The kiddos had a nap on the way back from our hike and had a hard time waking up when we got home. This is how I found them trying to re-coop.
Howdy geezer! Remy wanted to wear his gray vest to church and couldn't find his pants so I told him to try Hudson's out. Haha he came out with them all pulled up looking like this!! Thank goodness I was able to find his we wouldn't want to embarrasses the family more.
My poor feet and ankles were so swollen this weekend, the hike probably didn't help. I can't wait to have this baby!!
Remy built this all by himself and wanted me to send a picture to his dad to show him while he was at work. These have been the best Christmas present we have bought the boys in a while they love them.

Forth of July Week

Our good friends the Juarez's came to visit us the week of the 4th of July. We had so much fun playing and catching up. We took the kiddos bowling one night were Remy creamed us all. Hudson was upset because he didn't reach the goal he set for himself!
We took them to Bluff to go to the visitors center there. It is a really cool place and has so much history and stories of the pioneers who traveled and made it there.

We were excited to try our new town out for the Forth of July festivities! We started the day with the parade, It was a hit! They had some fun floats and they also had a few water truck that the kids loved running up to to get wet.

Tea was a little bugged that she got sprayed! 

Travis and Seth danced along with the cheerleaders, a few of them noticed and couldn't help not laughing. We all had a good laugh and a lady offered to make them a uniform so they could preform with them next year.

Tea was pretty happy with all the treats and goodies she collected

Cute Baby Davis!!
Riva and Seth
Sadly the best picture to turn out!!
They had an awesome firework show that they had to cut short because of the wind, we kept getting hit by the cardboard from them.

 We have been having fun exploring around Blanding. This Native American ruin is just a few mins from our house and a easy 10 min hike. It is pretty amazing to see that they would build these in the sides of mountains.

 This is a view looking out of the Ruin

Hudson's 9th Birthday Party

 Were has time gone, he is growing up so fast I thought him turning 8 was weird now he is 9!! Hudson is such a nice big brother and is so caring for everyone's feelings around him. He is really into drawing cars and dragons right now and is pretty talented. We sure love you Hudson and our so grateful that you were born into our family!
 Travis played a mean trick on Hudson and wrapped his iphone box up. Hudson was so excited then realized there was no phone!! Yeah right buddy! There was a five dollar bill in there and that made him happy enough!
 We celebrated Travis graduation and Hudson's Birthday the same day Both boys got a new watch from Grandma Ging and Papa Jed.
 Grandma Lil bought some cute vans for our baby! Tea wishes they fit her, she is still such a shoe girl, I wonder where she gets that?....Her dad !!
 Papa Jed and Grandma Ginger
 Grandma Great (Ber)
 Grandma Lil and Papa Lindz 

 Hudson wanted a Mine Craft cake this year, with all the packing and getting ready to move he was nice and let me do cupcakes this year to make my life easier!

On the morning of Travis Graduation Parley and Erica had a ultrasound to find out what they were having. They had the tech write it in an envelope and brought it to the party. We sprayed them with blue silly string to find out what it was. It was a way fun way to find out! We are so excited to have another nephew and cousin!