Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Camera Clean Up

 Poor Remy got a bad bloody nose from taking a soccer ball in the face
 The boys have been playing in the bushes, its there little hideout. Travis went out to take a picture and they wanted to pretend like they were sleeping.

 Tea worked hard to save up her money to buy a Barbie, she was pretty excited.
 Aunt Bethany and Grandma Lil did a Triathlon and we went to cheer them on at the finish line. They did awesome.

 Yeah we are all done!! Travis had his graduation and it was fun to celebrate after with family!

 Memorial day, We went over to the cemetery on Sunday to put flowers on some of our family's graves. It was so nice to see all the flowers and flags up for those that severed our country.

 Hudson's third grade had a talent show at the end of the year, he wanted to tell jokes. It was fun to see all the kids cheer each other on.
 We went to the splash pad with some friends before we moved. It is always the hardest part about moving, we made some great friends while we were in Provo. We will miss them!
 Saying by to our Provo house

Home Sweet Home our new place in Blanding