Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Lights

On Monday night we decided to take the boys out to dinner and then down town in old San Juan to see the Christmas lights. We had a lot of fun and it is still weird to look at the lights and not be all bundled up and freezing. My camera died so I was a little bumbed but I was able to get a few pictures.
Remy loves to say "chesse" when we take pictures now. His newest word is "ouch", he says it so funny.
The boys got some sweet ballon swords from the resturant, this time they actually didn't pop in the first five minutes of having them like last time.

I don't know what these trees are called but they have them all over the island. They are pretty cool, they have a ton of vines that form into the tree.

The boys are sure good little buddies, I love to watch they play and make each other laugh.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Big Find!

This is what I bought today for my boys......

FOR $10.00 YEAH!

Today they had a flea market on the housing base were we live. I was out on my run with the boys and say some people setting up. I noticed they had this truck up front, so I thought what the heck If they will sell it for $50 bucks I will buy. Well my luck was better than that! It runs really good and the boys couldn't be happier. Travis has been wanting to buy them one forever but I was totally against buying a new one for $350 dollars.
The boy's also got some sweet buzzes, Remy just dosen't look the same. His puffy thick hair was driving me crazy! He was so funny, after his haircut he had a bath and Travis showed him his hair in the mirror. He then brought him out and Remy kept saying "mama, mama" pointing to his pile of hair on the ground then to his head.

Culebra Trip

Travis and I celebrated our 6th anniversary on November 22nd. We decided to go to Culebra to spend a night with no kids. My good friend Mardy was so nice and watched our boys for us. We had such a fun time! Travis rented a scooter for us to crusie around on. I was a little nervous at first to say the least, I had a death grip on Travis for the first few rides. The island is only about 7 miles long, we a fun time exploring different beaches that we haven't been to yet. Both me and Travis commeted to each other that the only reason we would ever come back to Puerto Rico is to get on another plane to go to Culebra, it is our favorite place to go the beaches are so beautiful!

This is the awesome view from our balcony were we stayed.

This was one of the highlights of the trip for Travis, I also enjoyed it!

Travis was so excited when we picked up the scooter, he had a grin from ear to ear.

Zoni beach

We went an explored a few new beaches, this one is Zoni beach and it was really pretty and no one else was there!

Strong boy! Crossfit baby!

Doing a L pull up on a tank with some sweet grafitti at Flamenco Beach.

Another Tank, the Navy used to blow it up for target practice back in the day.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, I am so grateful for so many things! The thing that I would say that I am most grateful for would be Family! I am so thankful that we have the blessing of being an eternal family. Nothing brings me more joy than my two boys and my loving Husband! I am so thankful our families and I miss each of you! Holidays are always hard for me, being so far away from each of you. I can't wait tell we live a little closer. I am also thankful for all my friends as well. Travis has to work tonight so we decided to have Thanksgiving dinner at lunch time so he could get a little sleep before he heads to work the graveyard shift (yuck!). While I was busy cooking the boys played so nice together. Traivs took a few pictures of them, Hudson had made a tent for him with a bed inside and Remy had his bed on one in the shelf on the entertainment center. I love seeing them interact and play so well with each other. They are good little buddies.

Hudson and Remy in the tent

This was a few days ago, Remy was cuddling with his bear and blanket. I still can't believe that he will be two in January.

Travis bought a football a few weeks ago and the boys have loved it for more than one reason. Here they are holding on for dear life.

Travis and I also celebrated our 6th annivesary this year on November 22nd. Travis had to work that day so we were able to hang out that night. We are going to go on a over night trip to Culebra (which is a beautiful island) and one of our favorite places to go. I am so excited we go next week. I am so grateful for such an amazing husband, boy friend, best freind, and an amazing father to our boys! I love you Travis and can't wait to spend the rest of eternity with you!!!!
I know these pictures are of when I was prego (2 years ago) with Remy but I love them and we don't have many pictures of just the two of us!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Fun

We paint our pumpkins here because they rot really fast if they are carved. Hudson did a really cute on this year he is getting so big!

Remy had a fun time painting also.

Remy was the hit at the ward party and trick or treating. Most people knew who he was and loved it. I was brave this year and sewed Remy's costume on friday, It turned out pretty good and I had a lot of fun doing it.

Remy showing of his mucsles
Nacho Libre
Spiderman, He would tell us his name was Peter Parker. He hasn't ever seen the show but he has a spiderman book that I read to him a while ago and he remembered a lot of it!
I made the boys goblin sandwiches for dinner on Halloween. Hudson was so excited and said, "Hey I remember these we had them in Utah". Last year when we went to visit in October my Mom made these for him.
They had dirt cups for desert
This is what Remy thought of the worms, he sucked on them for a few minutes and wanted nothing to do with the pudding.

Remy would get candy from people walking by. They would stop to see his costume and we would have him flex his muscles and most would pay up for the show. I am a little worried about my kid showing up on you tube or something because a few were taking pics.

Hudson and his buddy Weston, super heros! They had a fun time trick or treating together and their other buddy Carter joined us so we had 2 spidermans and a superman running around.

We had a few friends come trick or treating on base with us last night it was a lot of fun!


We went to the zoo on Thursday with a few friends. It was a really long drive there and back but the kids loved the zoo and we had a really fun time.

All the kids minus a few babies.

Remy would be bigger than a penguin.

Hudson and his buddy Weston

I always have a hard time getting good pictures at the Zoo I wonder why? I am pretty sure that it is the huge animals, they are way cooler than someone thats trying to take the picture.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oil refinery explosion and fire

Well were do I start.... On Friday morning at 12:30 am I jumped out of bed waking up to a huge noise and my house shaking. I didn't now what it was and had no idea what scared me so bad to jump out of bed. All of my boys slept right threw it so I climbed back in bed completely out of it. The next morning I went out to run and this is what I saw. This is taken from our balcony.

They still don't now how the fire started and caused the huge explosion. Eleven of the huge tanks burned up with flames getting even 600 ft tall! It was crazy! It burned until Sunday afternoon it caused had major damage to Ft Buchanan. This is the Army base were we get grocery's, and where Hudson along with other fellow Coastie kids go to school. The base is closed because of the damage and there was even damage at the schools. I am so grateful Hudson was not at school! I don't now how long it will be until he goes back to school and we are able to get grocery's there. It stinks because our food bill for the next month will double in cost. Oh well it could be worse. No one was killed just some minor injuries. They still aren't if it was just an accident or something else, we will just have to wait and see.

This is a picture from across the bay down in old San Juan.

The boys on top of the roof that next night looking at the fire. The sky was glowing because the flames were still so big.
We couldn't get a very good picture at night.

This is a picture that my friend Katie took ( I hope she dosen't mind) of the fire from her house. She lives just up the road from us.

Kite Flying at El Morro

With school being out due to the school being damaged from the explosion we have been trying to do some fun activites for the kids. Travis has a few days off this week which worked out nice so he could join us. Today we went with our friends the Means to El Morro to fly kites. We have been wanting to do this forever, it was a lot of fun and the kids had a blast!

Hudson flying the kite
Remy loved to hold on to it and would run over to help when ever the kite would go down.

Trying to help get the kite up
Having lunch in the shade with our buddies

Remy being King of the mountian, he would stand their and just yell like he was so awesome. It was pretty funny other than him making me worry most of the time. He thinks he is just as big as his brother and wants to do everything Hudson does. Which is not always the safest thing!

The boy's standing on the pole

I actually joined in on the fun!

Hudson told Travis "I want to jump to you like Nacho does ", I'd say he did a good job!

Travis was nice and started a game of duck, duck, goose! The kids loved it and I think Travis liked it just as much.