Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hot and humid

We made it back to PR a few weeks ago. The boys did there best considering the 15 plus hour day. It has been nice to be home and be a little family together. It was so fun to see all our family and friends and we love and miss each of you! We haven't been up to much other than sweating to death! I had Travis go buy a pool from Costco while we were gone, we have been spending a lot of time swimming. I had a nice birthday and Travis surprised me with a cute patio set and tons of new flowers in pots. It has been so nice to sit outside and have dinner or watch the boys play. I gave the boys all a hair cut yesterday and I think they are all a little cooler when they play out side. I miss Remy's curls but they will grow back. I think the both look so much older.

We let Hudson watch Nacho Libre with us and he loved it. He had hundreds of questions to ask while we watched it I finally told him nicely to just watch the movie . Here are a few pictures of the boys after Travis got a hold of some of my mascara. They are being Nacho! Travis decided that Remy needed to be Nacho and Hudson the side kick for Halloween. We will see it would work nice for the hot Halloweens we have. Ever since Travis gave Hudson a mustache he has been asking for one almost every day!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Chocolate Marshmallow's and Saying Goodbye

Grandma Ber( the best candy maker ever) was kind enough to offer us a fun activity of making chocolate marshmallow's. The boy's loved it they had so much fun and loved that she kept handing them marshmallow's with a little bit of warm chocolate.

Remy having his turn! He would make the funniest faces,.
Grandma Great and the boy's, you have to wear a hair net and apron in the dipping room. The boy's sure looked cute.

Remy enjoying a marshmallow with some chocolate.

Grandma Ber and Me, I am so grateful for my grandma. I love her so much and I am so glad we were able to go visit her a few times.
Bethany having a turn!

Grandpa Great and us, I am so glad we were able to spend some time with him. He is in remission for prostate cancer. He also is getting old and his memory is failing him a little. It is so hard to see him that way and to see him getting older. I love him and am so grateful for all he has done for us. We love you grandpa!
Remy's new trick, he holds on really good and for a good 5 or more seconds.
We were also able to go and visit Grandma and Grandpa Thomas. It was so nice to see them and visit with them a few times at all the family get together. They still live in the same house in sandy, we lived one house away from them when I was a little girl until I was eight and we moved to Herriman. I remember going over their all the time to visit, I loved it, I have some great memories of living next door.
Grandma Thomas, the boys, and me.
Grandpa Thomas showing Hudson how to suck on a honeysuckle from his tree, I remember doing that as a kid and it was fun to see Hudson try. I think he liked the raspberry bush more.


We were able to spend our last few day's with our good buddies! Riva and her girls came over to play and we were able to visit and have some lunch!
We miss you guys! Thanks for coming over to see us!
Olivia and Hudson!

Frampton Family Reunion 2009

We were able to go to the Frampton reunion this year. The first day we spent at Jordanelle, we played on the little beach, rode in the boat and played with all the cousins. We had a great time, but we sure missed Travis, Grandma Lil, Grandpa Lindz, and Uncle Parley.

Uncle Brady and Aunt Alley were nice enough to ride the tube with Hudson. I wanted a picture with Remy on the tube, he was not happy at all.

Here is Remy really upset and concerned for his brother who was enjoying his tube ride.

Hudson and Jessie enjoying some graham crackers, they had so much fun and played really well together.

Sally and I, It was so fun to visit with all my cousins, Grandparents, and Aunts and Uncles. We sure miss getting together with all the family!

My cousin Jessica and her Hubby Mert were kind enough to give all the kids a ride or two in their boat. Hudson loved it, he even jumped in the freezing cold lake and swam around.

The second day we had lunch at Grandma Ber's and Grandpa Fud's, swam in the pool and went home exausted . I forgot to mention that Hudson got stung by a bee and was so upset. He was in the pool and grabbed onto a noodle that had a bee on it. He started screaming, I pulled him out and handed Remy of to someone. As I was mixing so baking soda with some water to put on him he said between screaming and crying,"It's going to sting FOREVVVER"!!! I calmly explained to him that it would stop in a minute and he would be okay. He then said " I don't want to ever come back to Utah because they have bees" . I had to remind him that bee's live in Puerto Rico. It was quite a traumatic experience for him but he has recovered and all is well.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Straight hair

We will probably need to trim Remy's hair when we get back to PR. It is just to hot to have his long hair. I am not looking forward to it because I love his curls just like I loved Hudson's. When Hudson was little I straighted his hair for fun one day. I couldn't pass up the chance to do it to Remy.

I think he looks so different with his hair straight.
His back is so long, that is the curliest part of his hair and it still wanted to flip out.

Forth of July 5 K

My Brother in law Brandon and my sister in law Alley and I ran in the Delta 5 K run on the morning of the forth of July. It was a lot of fun, until it became an obstacle course, let me explain, me and Alley got of to a good start and not that far into the race we saw people jumping over a 8 foot chain link fence. We both laughed at first then realized that we really did have to climb over it. They had it open the night before but someone closed it and locked it before the race not knowing that was were we had to run. Besides the obstacle I was able to beat my goal . I wanted to finish in 30 minutes. My time was 30:38 but we had to stop and wait to climb over the fence for 2 minutes. It was fun and so nice to start the day that way.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Derby and fireworks

Hudson giving Paisley raspberry's, how could you resist she has the biggest, cutest cheeks!

Doing fireworks before I took Hudson to the derby, Remy liked them until they stared to whistle and then he would run over to me and start climbing up me.

Throwing pops, the boys thought that was pretty fun.

At the Derby, Hudson liked when the tractors would come out to take all the crashed cars out of the arena as much as the crashing.
Hudson with Aunt Alley and Uncle Brady at the Derby, it started raining so they were cuddling under the blanket.

Me, Beth and Sally

Cuddling with Hudson, watching the fireworks! This is the first year I have let him stay up really late to watch the big firework. He loved it and the only thing that would had made it better was to have shared it with Travis, we miss he so much!

Forth of July Parade

Every Forth of July that we can we go to Delta to celebrate. They have a fun parade for the kids and then we go to the park for lunch and games. Hudson's favorite part of the parade was when the jets fly over before the parade starts. Remy's favorite part was the big tractors and the jets. Hudson picked up plenty of candy for all of us. Remy would pick a piece of candy up and throw it back.

Grandma Ginger with cute Paisley and Grandpa Jed with the boys waving hi for Daddy!

My cousin Sally and I, she grew up in Delta and came with her kids. It was so fun to visit and catch up a little.

The boys all lined up waiting for some candy!

The boys with aunt Bethany, she is such a big help for me! Thanks Bethany we love you!
Remy admiring the huge tractor

This is my Nephew dancing when the band passed us at the parade. It was so cute he loved the band! Don't mind the end of the video I don't know why I turned my camera side ways!

Fun in Delta

We have been visiting with Grandma Ginger and Grandpa Jed this past week. Norine and Brandon were able to come down a few days before the forth of July to visit. We have been having a lot of fun but we sure missed Hollie. Joe, Addie, and Travis.

Grandma and Grandpa went to look at a extra fridge to buy on Friday morning and came back with this! They wanted to surprise us all and we have all enjoyed the new toy, especially Hudson and McCoy!

One morning we found this box of scarfs so I dressed the boys up as pirates/Romans. They thought is was pretty fun!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bolt and Mr. Independent

Hudson aka Bolt. Hudson loves to be a dog lately. He loves to bark, lick, catch and play dead. His Aunt Alley went along with it the first day and ever since then he loves to have her throw the frisbee for him. It is really fun that his imagination is growing, I just have to remind him to be Hudson at moments! He is having a hard time listening and has been a little difficult the past few weeks. He misses his Dad and say's he is ready to go back to Puerto Rico. I have been trying to be a little more understanding of why he is acting out but it is hard. Other than that he is a fun boy, I love you Hudson, I'm sorry you miss your Dad, bed, toy's,and bike.

Remy has been so hard to feed lately so one morning I just gave him his bowl of oatmeal and he ate it all by himself. It was a little messy but it was worth not having to fight him to eat. He loves to use a fork and spoon when ever he gets the chance. I just sit by him and stab his food with his fork then he eats it. If I am not paying attention and he is ready for the next bite he will growl at me or anyone close enough to help him. I forget he is not a baby anymore. I took him to nursery on Sunday and he did so good. He is not 18 months until July 10Th but I figured it was close enough. I can not believe how big he is getting and how quickly he is turning into a two year old. He can throw down a good fit, I am having vivid flash backs of Hudson. I think Remy is going to be more difficult than his brother was. I can't wait!!! ahh Love you Remy!