Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bolt and Mr. Independent

Hudson aka Bolt. Hudson loves to be a dog lately. He loves to bark, lick, catch and play dead. His Aunt Alley went along with it the first day and ever since then he loves to have her throw the frisbee for him. It is really fun that his imagination is growing, I just have to remind him to be Hudson at moments! He is having a hard time listening and has been a little difficult the past few weeks. He misses his Dad and say's he is ready to go back to Puerto Rico. I have been trying to be a little more understanding of why he is acting out but it is hard. Other than that he is a fun boy, I love you Hudson, I'm sorry you miss your Dad, bed, toy's,and bike.

Remy has been so hard to feed lately so one morning I just gave him his bowl of oatmeal and he ate it all by himself. It was a little messy but it was worth not having to fight him to eat. He loves to use a fork and spoon when ever he gets the chance. I just sit by him and stab his food with his fork then he eats it. If I am not paying attention and he is ready for the next bite he will growl at me or anyone close enough to help him. I forget he is not a baby anymore. I took him to nursery on Sunday and he did so good. He is not 18 months until July 10Th but I figured it was close enough. I can not believe how big he is getting and how quickly he is turning into a two year old. He can throw down a good fit, I am having vivid flash backs of Hudson. I think Remy is going to be more difficult than his brother was. I can't wait!!! ahh Love you Remy!


Jessica said...

We sat by Parley and I think Bethany at the derby yesterday. I had to leave early, but Rhett said he saw Hudson and couldn't find you to say hi. Crazy.

Hope you had a fun 4th!