Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Big Swimmer

Hudson loves swimming he is our little fish!

Jumping of the diving board!

Hudson is getting so good at swimming! It is so much fun to see his progress, every time we go he is getting better and better! He loves to jump of the diving board! He has done this since he was two years old. The only thing that is different now is that he will jump of and swim to the edge all by himself! I can't believe how big he is getting!

Cute Remy in his robe after swimming!

First time Swimming !

Today we decided to take Remy swimming with us for the first time! I figured he was old enough and has enough padding to keep him warm! He did really good! He didn't scream or frown at all! It was so fun to go all as a family! I can't wait to go more often with them both!

Little surf dude!

I think this is the best picture I have been able to get so far of the boys!

First time in the pool!

I love seeing pictures of our little family. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful husband and two cute boys! They bring so much joy to my life!

Cutest niece

I think that I have the cutest niece in the whole world! Adie is my only niece but it is still true! She was so fun to have here. She is so smiley and makes the cutest noises! Hudson was a nice boy and even shared his prize monster trucks with her! We love you cute girl!

Hudson has been so good about being very gentle around babies. He loved that he would put his hand out and Adie would reach out and touch his! he would say Hi five!

Best pic that I could get of all three of them!

Nice choke hold! At least he wasn't going to drop him!

Adie is 9months old and Remy is 4 months old! Adie is only maybe a few inches taller than Remy and a little thinner! Remy is just a big boy!


Last week we Travis's parents were in town with his sister Hollie and her daughter Adie! We had so much fun. It was so nice to have more family come and visit us, it will make waiting until June to come visit a little more bearable. We were able to stay a night in Aguadilla and go to a few beaches their. Travis took them to one of the forts, or the castle as Hudson calls it. We also were able to go to one of our favorite beaches Escanbrone and had fun just visiting. Thanks again for coming guys we really loved having you!

If you look closely Hudson found a tiny hermit crab, it shocked us that he actually picked it up by himself and went to show it to Travis. Hudson loves to look for crabs but was terrified to touch them just a few weeks earlier. I am still just waiting for the day when Hudson will walk in the house with a lizard that he has caught! Can't wait tell that happens!!!

Grandma Ging and Remy at the beach. Check out all of Remy's rolls above and below his knees!What a chunk! We just love it!!

Grandpa Jed, Travis, and Hudson at the fort!

Hudson helping Grandma Ging with the dishes! The cute thing about this picture is we have one of Travis helping his mom do the dishes when he was about Hudson's age and it looks just like this!

Grandpa Jed, Grandma Ging, Hudson, Adie, and Remy! We can't wait until we are all together in June to get some pics with all the grand kids! Can't wait to see you McCoy!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Hudson !

Happy Birthday! I can not believe that Hudson is three years old today! I have a three year old, that just sound's crazy! We had Hudson's party on Friday. Travis's parents and sister Hollie and my niece Adie where in town so we decided to have his party then. We had our good friends the Draves over also! Hudson got some cool presents , thank you again! Tonight when I was putting Hudson to bed I was holding him and couldn't believe what a good big boy he has grown up to be! We just love him so much! He makes my days very busy and so enjoyable! I love you birthday boy!

Mom made me a Monster truck cake! Hudson loved his cake, all the hard work payed off when I saw how excited he was to see it!

Remy enjoying Hudson's party! Hudson means the world to Remy he will just stare at Hudson and just watch him! It's so amazing how much he loves Hudson! He will smile anytime Hudson slows down enough to say hi or talk to him.

We thought that he should have this balloon since we are in Puerto Rico!
I taught Hudson Gracis and Hola, he will say it to any Latin people he sees! They just love it and think he is so cute. I get the opposite reaction!

Hudson eating his cake! Yummy he had a nice blue tongue from the icing!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Cerro Gordo

We went to a new beach the we haven't been to yet it is called Cerro Gordo it is so beautiful. They have a nice camping area up away from the beach, but don't think I am brave enough to camp here yet. On the way their we stoped at the new Applebees in Dorado and had lunch. It had the nicest, cleanest bathrooms that we have been to on the island. We almost thought we were back in the states for a minute... until the service was so slow and bad. Won't miss that when we come back to the states.

Beach day!

Mom and the boys at beach!

We put Remy's piggy's in the ocean for the first time this trip to the beach.
He did not love it, he frowned so big!

Cute boy in his beach hat!

My cousin Jake and his wife Missy and Hadley came to visit for a few days this week. It was so fun to have them here. We were able to go to a few beaches and let them experince the Puerto Rico driving! We took they to one of our favorite beaches and Hadley and Hudson had fun playing in the sand.

Can I have a bite?

I was eating a pear the other day and Hudson walked right over and helped himself to the other side. I thought it was so funny so we had to have dad take a picture for us. A pear doesn't last very long when you have Hudson eating on the other side! What a funny boy!

Cowboy Outfit

My Mom bought this cut cowboy outfit to go with the cute boots that she bought Remy. The boots were to small and it outfit probably won't last much longer either! He just sneaks into the next size before we know it. I think that he is so glad to be wearing number 3 diapers, I had a few days worth of size 2 left when I thought these diapers look like bikini bottoms, sorry buddy!
Travis sugested that we should see if wrangler would want to buy this picture to use for their advertising because he looks so dang cute, I would have to agree, but it's easy to think that when you think your baby is so cute because he's yours.

Remy has been caught...

I Love this picture, he is already making the I have been caught face!

Remy will try and suck his thumb every once and a while. It is really cute but I would rather throw away a binki than try to get rid of his thumbs! He sure is growing so fast and changes every day. They just aren't babies long enough! We have been able to get him to giggle and it so fun. Hudson got him giggling for the first time the other day and he thought that was so cool. I loved it, it was so fun to see them bonding! It will be so fun to see them playing together one day!

Matching pj's

Oh I just can't get enough of these boy's sometimes!!

Notice the big lizard belly!

I bought these pajamas from old navy before we had Remy and thought that by winter they could match. Well Remy is such a cute chubby boy that he fits comfortably in them . They are 6-12 month size, he is so stinking squashy in them I can't resist but to give him extra hugs at night. Hudson loves that they have matching jamies. Good thing it is cool enough at night to wear warmer jamies!

Fire Truck

Garrett and Hudson Soaking wet!

They had a fire truck come to visit at the base a few weeks ago and guess who was so excited. Of course Hudson was besides himself. Other than we had to wait out in the way hot sun for an hour because they were late. Which didn't surprise me the way things happen in Puerto Rico, but that's another story. It was a bummer because they didn't let the kids in side the engine. They did spray all the kids down and Hudson loved it. I couldn't get a very good picture because the guy kept trying to spray me. Hello I have a camera!! That didn't matter.

Can you spot Hudson , I will give you a clue he is the one a few inches of the ground and not afraid to get wet at all,not surprising!

Yes we are still alive !!

It has been almost a month since I have blogged! Life has been a little crazy everytime I find time to sit at the computer to blog something comes up. Anyways here are some cute pics of the boys after their bath. Hudson loves that he gets to have a bath with his brother. Other than the past few times Remy has started kicking his legs in the bath and kicks Hudson, who freaks out because he thinks Remy is trying to kick him on purpose. I have had to try to explain to him that he is not trying to hurt him. Hudson still dosen't belive me and gets upset every time. It is quiet funny and I have to try not to laugh!!