Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Last week we Travis's parents were in town with his sister Hollie and her daughter Adie! We had so much fun. It was so nice to have more family come and visit us, it will make waiting until June to come visit a little more bearable. We were able to stay a night in Aguadilla and go to a few beaches their. Travis took them to one of the forts, or the castle as Hudson calls it. We also were able to go to one of our favorite beaches Escanbrone and had fun just visiting. Thanks again for coming guys we really loved having you!

If you look closely Hudson found a tiny hermit crab, it shocked us that he actually picked it up by himself and went to show it to Travis. Hudson loves to look for crabs but was terrified to touch them just a few weeks earlier. I am still just waiting for the day when Hudson will walk in the house with a lizard that he has caught! Can't wait tell that happens!!!

Grandma Ging and Remy at the beach. Check out all of Remy's rolls above and below his knees!What a chunk! We just love it!!

Grandpa Jed, Travis, and Hudson at the fort!

Hudson helping Grandma Ging with the dishes! The cute thing about this picture is we have one of Travis helping his mom do the dishes when he was about Hudson's age and it looks just like this!

Grandpa Jed, Grandma Ging, Hudson, Adie, and Remy! We can't wait until we are all together in June to get some pics with all the grand kids! Can't wait to see you McCoy!