Sunday, January 11, 2009


Okay so I just put a ton of pictures on today so sorry to bore some of you. I know our family's won't mind all the pics! So you might have to click old posts to see them all.
Big boy in his new outfit , Thanks Grandma Lil and Granpa Lindz!

Here are my Handsome boys! They are the joy of my life, and lets not forget my hubby also is! Hudson has been saying the funniest things lately. I am going to try to post some of them so I won't forget them. I can only remember a few now that I get a chance to write them.

We asked him what he wanted to be when he grows up and Hudson responded, " The Prophet". No pressure Mom!

I finally gave the boys haircuts this week and Travis asked Hudson " How do you want your hair cut, buzz, or short like a missonaries"? Hudson said " No like the Prophet"!

Hudson loves Wall e and Eve! When ever I let him watch a show that is the one he picks. Last sunday was his first day in Sumbeams and he did so good .Travis and I are in primary so were their to witness it! They were doing the sharing time lesson and the teacher showed a picture to the kids of earth and asked " Who lives on earth" , Hudson quickly responded " Walle and Eve do"! I later explained to him that we live and earth. and he said yep and Walle and eve! Funny boy.

Remy's 12 Month's

Remy here is a picture of you for each month of your first year! We love you and thank you for coming to our family! I hope that you had a good birthday. You are such a good boy and have been so plesant and easy going from day one! I will always love you! Thank you for your sweet smiles and giggles! Love you Mom and Dad!

1 Month

2 Months

3 Months

4 Months

5 Months

6 Months

7 months

8 Months
9 Months
10 Months

11 Months

12 months

One year old!

Remy is one, Happy Birthday!

Well for every birthday I love to make my boys cakes! Every year when Im in the middle of making it I think what have I started? Then by the time Im done I love it and it means a lot to me that I could do it for them! So for Remy's first birthday I wanted to do cupcakes, my friend Sarah gave me a cupcake tree for Christmas and I wanted to use it. I decided that we would do a jungle animal theme! So here I am making fondant for the first time and making animal faces out of it to put in the cupcakes.

Here is Trav's attempt to help me. I put him in charge of doing the elephants, he did good. Then he attempted to make the second one and this as is far as he got....
Lets just say he gave up and was done helping and decided to visit with me instead! I thought he did good but he was just getting fustrated and he didn't like the idea of making six.
Here is the finished product. I did tigers, lions, elephants, and zebras. The lions were my favorite and I think the zebras looked like cats. Oh well after three nights of work it was done and worth it!
The birthday boy! I can't belive that he is one! Where did that year go, we love you Remy!
I made this party hat with stamps to match the jungle theme. I wanted to get pictures with he wearing it while he ate his cake but he wouldn't leave it on.

Opening presents, he was just fascinated wth the paper, which was okay because he had plenty of help...
Thank you everyone for the presents and joining us via web cam for the party! We missed you all and can't wait to see you again!

Thanks Grandma Lil for the cute giraffe blanket you made!

He wasn't really into eating the cupcake but he sure had fun smashing it!

We love you Remy you have been such a blessing to our family! I hope that you had a good Birthday! I can't belive you are already one! Thank you for being such a nice boy!
Love you!

A much needed beach day!

So you would think that living in Puerto Rico you would go to the beach as much as you could! We did when we first moved here then when we had Remy it was a little harder. Well long story short I realized that we hadn't been since August. So we went to one of our favorite beaches that is close to us. We didn't know what Remy would think. He loves water and the pool so the ocean in his boat was a big hit he loved it! However he did not think much of the sand! He was so ready to crawl of the sheet while I was putting sunscreen on him that by the time he got to he wouldn't crawl of into the sand!

Remy would crawl in the wet sand and liked it for a minute until the water would get a little higher from the waves.

Hold me dad!

Remy and was content to sit on my lap while I played in the sand with Hudson. He loved this pink rake and held onto it until we got home from the beach!

We found this on the beach which is pretty random since this is a clean beach! Oh well Hudson enjoyed it!

The pink rake again! Sorry for all the pictures, to many cute ones that I wanted to share!

My favorite boys!

I love these piggies! We tried to get some in the sand but Remy wasn't having it!

Swiming with mom!

This is my favorite picture! I came back from taking Hudson to the bathroom and this is what I found! Remy was climbing in and out of this boat and decided to lounge out!

And of course he couldn't leave that pink rake behind!

Puddles and Park

I have been meaning to post these pics for a while. A few days after Christmas we had a lot of rain. When it finally stoped we went out so Hudson could ride his bike and so we could go to the park!

Hudson riding his bike threw a huge puddle! He had so much fun riding back and forth. He has got really good at riding his bike with out any help! His poor bike broke the other day and Trav fixed it the best he could. I really wanted to wait until his birthday to get him a new one but he rides it so much we will see how much longer it will last!

I have been putting Remy on the big platform at the park lately and he loves it! Here he is stiring away!

Climing the tube slide! He will climb up and go back down over and over! I can't belive how big he is getting.

Hanging out with Dad! He was so funny when he was doing this he would hold on the put his head all the way back! so he could look up!