Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Steve-O and the Dragon suit!

Let me introduce you to Steve-O, he is the Caterpillar that has been eating all our leaves on one of our trees for the past two weeks. The first time I noticed him was about two weeks ago, I wish I would have taken a picture of him then because he has grown four times his size. Travis and Hudson named him Steve-O. We have been having a few Hurricane warnings this past week, we were supposed to have a crazy tropical storm with 70 mph winds hit Monday. They had us bring all our things inside and to told us to be prepared. Thankfully the storm calmed down before it made it to Puerto Rico and was just a really bad rain and thunder storm. Hudson heard us talking about the storm and that we needed to bring the bikes and stuff inside. He said "What about Steve-O"? He was very concerned for his new pet and I had to tell him he would be okay! We have another Hurricane that is on its way and is supposed to hit Thursday, I hope it passes by or it calms down like it usually does.

My friend gave me some hand me down clothes for my boys, Hudson found this lovely Halloween costume. It is a size 12 month but he incites on wearing it around quite often. This was a few weeks ago and now I think he has forgotten about it thank goodness. It would make him sweat and he always complained that it hurt his bum, he would have a permanent wedgie but still wanted to wear it!

First day of Pre-K

Hudson started Pre-K this year, I can not believe that he is old enough to ride a bus all by himself and eat breakfast at school. Monday was his first day and he was so excited! I went in to wake him up Monday morning at 6:10 am the bus comes at 6:30, when I woke him up he just layed there for a minute then sat up really quickly and said " Is this a school day?" He has done really good the first two days and says he loves it. In fact this morning we were walking out the door to go to the bus stop and he says's "By Mom see you later, I can get on the bus by myself ". I had to remind him that Mom liked to wave goodbye!

Remy was excited to see his brother get home
Hudson on his first day!
Sitting with his class, I had to go take in all the supplies for his class that they have you buy so I got to get a picture of him and say Hi!
I have to admit I was really nervous about him going, I had a few tears here and their but he loves it and it makes it easier to send him. It is not that I don't want him to go it is just hard sending them on the way to grow up even more.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Well I guess I should be glad that this was our very first visit to the ER, we have been lucky to have not been before when we have two boys who have no fear of doing anything. Poor little Remy has had a ruff few week as it is. He just got over being really sick with two ear infections and got a really bad goose egg on his right eyebrow at the gym that turned into a killer bruise. On Wednesday Travis had the day off but had to go to work that night, he has been working a lot of graveyard shifts lately. We were just getting the boys ready to lay down for naps when Remy turned to run and slipped on our tile floors and landed chin first. Travis picked him up and carried him to the kitchen sink, he had a mouth full of blood and was screaming. I ran over and tried to calm him down, we were able to get a quick glance at his tongue and it had a huge cut in it. Travis got on the Internet to see what to do for a really bad cut. I got Remy calmed down and the bleeding slowed down a little, I got him to stick his tongue out and I could see that it was cut really deep and had a nice flap. We decided to take him to the ER. I was trying my best to be strong and not fall apart but my worst fear has been to take my boys to the ER in Puerto Rico. I have heard nothing but awful stories about the care some of the kids have had in our neighbor hood and church. I couldn't but help to worry I started to cry on the way to the Hospital and decided to text my family and Travis to say a prayer for us. We took him to San Pablo Hospital because it has the best Pediatric care. When we arrived their was no one waiting in the waiting room, that was a relief, most people have waited hours. The receptionist the helps you register spoke English, another huge blessing, she helped fill out all the forms. We didn't have to wait long until the doctor was able to see us and decided that he would need stitches. I am so grateful that Travis was there with me he is much stronger at these kind of situations. He went back to be with Remy while me and Hudson waited in the waiting room. Hudson is such a nice brother and was very concerned for his brother, he would tell him, good job Remy and tell him that he would be okay. While we sat in the waiting room I couldn't hold it together any longer. I started to cry and told Hudson he needed to go in bathroom. I was trying not to freak him out and make him more worried. He looked up at me and asked what was wrong and I just hugged him and told him that I love him and Remy so much and I don't like when they get hurt. He just let me hold him and then I asked him is he wanted to say a prayer for Remy to be brave and for the doctors to be fast and do a good job. He said a nice simple prayer for his brother and I am so grateful for him and his faith in Heavenly Father and Jesus. I also said a prayer and was able to calm down. We went back out and waited. Remy did really good they did a local anesthetic and had a papoose to hold his arms still , Travis was able to be right there by his head. Remy was more ticked that he was being held down. Travis said the best part was when Remy bit the doctor pretty hard and bit right threw his glove. Remy got five stitches, he had a pretty swollen lip. He has done really good and has been able to eat and sleep pretty good. Last night he had a rough night but it was his second day and that is when the doctor said he would have the hardest time. They gave him an antibiotic and told us to give him Motrin or Tylenol for a few days. The stitches will just dissolve so that will be nice to not have to take him in again. I was finally able to get a few good pictures of his tongue today because he was willing to show it to me I didn't want to pull it out to just get a picture. It still looks pretty mangled and I wonder if it will just look messed up forever. Well I have been humbled with my attitude towards hospitals in in PR. I know our prayers were more than answered and I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly father who cares and watches out for us! I am grateful for a family who would pray for us! Travis said to me that he hope nothing really bad ever happens to our boys because I am so tender hearted that I would have a really hard time. I had to agree with him, I hate when they get hurt really bad! But what mother doesn't!

This is a sad picture, he had fallen asleep in the car on the way home and was pretty sad for a while. See his nice swollen lips.
Same day, swollen lips but he was lots happier.
Poor tongue, I hope it looks more like normal over time.