Wednesday, March 27, 2013


 Rosie had a fun time jumping on anyone that came down the hill.

 I love that Remy would try and help Tea out by pulling her up the hill.

catch up

 snuggling with mom
 Rosie, she is so much bigger than this know. The kids have loved having a dog to play with.

 My mom wanted a picture of all us girls in our wedding dresses, the day we went over to take them it started snowing so we had to take them inside. It was fun to all be in our big dresses together and we had some good laugh's.

 Aunt Beth and Uncle Tyson gave the kids a cotton candy maker for Christmas, they had a fun time with this! Even Rosie enjoyed it!

Remy's 5th Birthday Party

 Remy wanted an angry birds cake, so I got to work he loved it! He was a little concerned that there was a sling shot but cut me a little slack!
 I can't believe this little boy of mine is 5 already, time has gone by so quickly. He is still our ham in the family and is always making us laugh.

 It was fun to have all the cousins and family here, even Adie and Aunt Hollie surprised us!
 Family tradition, you get to have the first bite of cake
Grandma Ginger and Papa Jed, I need to get better and get one with both grandparents!!

Visiting the Juarez

 After Christmas we headed to California to spend some time with our good buddies, we had a fun New Years Eve party for the kiddos. We all had so much fun playing and catching up .

 Fun road sign along the way, try and pronounce that.
Our first night their the boys went on their man date, they went to a Lakers game and came home with these free jerseys! I don't know why I didn't take any pics with Riva, I will do better next time. Thanks guys for the fun trip!!!


 Cute Christmas outfits from Grandma Ginger

 Brady bought this cute elf outfit to surprise Alley and Liam with on Christmas Eve morning, he was the cutest elf I have ever seen.
 Yummy Christmas Eve dinner
 Santa Clause made a quick stop on Christmas Eve and Grandmas house, the kids thought that was pretty neat. Tea was scared at first but warmed up to a high five in the end.

 Tea was our angel for our Christmas pageant
 Grandma and Papa were Mary and Joseph

 The three Kings

 Uncle Tyson and Hudson delivering presents

 Cutest leg rolls!
 Christmas Jammies
 I loved the note Hudson wrote for Santa

 We have had a awesome family tradition since I can remember, every Christmas morning we would go out to the barn and kneel around baby Jesus and each say our own prayer. It is such a nice way to start Christmas day and remember the reason we celebrate Christmas.
 The boys were so excited to see that Santa had brought them the Beyblades they had asked for
 Tea loved her new table and tea set.
 Grandma Ber came out Christmas morning bright and early to spend the morning with us.
Everyone was so excited to be up so early with our kids :}