Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tony Grove

 A few days before Hudson started school we decided to go camping with some friends to Tony Grove which is up Logan canyon, it is beautiful. It is the same place we took a picture of Travis standing in the snow in July. The snow is all melted now but it sure  got chilly at night. The wildflowers were all still in bloom and it was so green and beautiful up there.
 All the kiddos lined up, Grace, Hudson, Will, Remy, Eli, Claire,and Tea.
 Claire is such a cute little girl so squashy, It will be fun to see what Tea looks like when she is 2.
 They brought there dog with them who is a chocolate lab, I love lab dags they are awesome dogs and she was.
 Travis aka lumber jack decided it would be fun to chop down a tree, I missed a good picture of it falling Tea wanted to help by putting he hand over the lens just in time.
The boys bouncing on the tree Travis chopped down.
 All the kiddos wanted a turn with the ax so Travis took a turn with each of them and taught them some ax manners.

 The next morning after a awful night for both families of no sleep we packed up camp and headed over to the little lake to go on a hike. We were trying to hike to a cave which we never found but it was fun anyways.

 Tea enjoyed the ride in the backpack I just wish someone would have carried me I was so tired. Camping is so much work when you are the parent. It will be so much easier when they are a little older.

 The boys crashed on the way home, they were just a little tired. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Birthday Girl

 We still can't believe that Tea is one years old! Holy smokes that year went so fast, She is such a blessing to our family. Her brothers love her so much and enjoy her sweet smiles and laughter. I wish I could just freeze time and have her stay this way for a while longer. She is getting close to walking, she stands up on her own for a while. She loves to sing patty cake, and will usually make her happy at any time. She makes the cutest noises and loves to chatter. She can say Mom, dad, and this which is usually followed by a pointed finger to hand her something. She sure know what she wants and mostly gets her way we are in trouble for sure. We love you Tea Jo Happy Birthday!
 The boys had a fun time helping her open her presents which she didn't mind at all I am sure next year will be different.

 She loved this gift, a piano with a microphone she really likes to hear music and starts dancing to it all the time. She really liked to climb on this box and sit on it then clap for herself.

 A little help from dad, she seemed to enjoy her cake!

 We skyped with my parents so they could be apart of the party!

I found this picture from our NC trip this summer and missed posting it before. I love it giving dad a kiss through the window!

Camping at Willard Bay

 We decided to go camping at Willard bay and invited my brother and his girlfriend,my sister and cousin. We had a lot of fun. The kids did pretty good sleeping at night I just don't sleep good when I camp so it was a long night for me. The girls climbed up in the tree with the boys for a picture. I don't know why I don't have any pic of Parley and Erica but they were there.
 Pretty sunset
 Having smores and telling scary stories. The boys thought it was pretty fun to take a turn and make up a story about big foot or the cupacabra.( PR big foot) it was fun until Remy was a little freaked out. He was funny, he would tell something scary then say" haha I'm just teasin"
 Aunt Beth snuggling with Tea, Remy kept saying he was so cold he is our true puertorican. We wrapped him up tight and he was happy as could be.

 Nice morning hair! We had to get a picture of our new stove that Travis gave me for my birthday so romantic I know your all jealous! It has been nice and helps with our emergency  preparedness. 
 A little tired in the morning after a late night, Remy chose the ground Hudson chose the tree.

 The next day we packed up our camp and went to the beach, haha its really hard for us to call it that. Brandon, Norine, there kiddos, and Grandma Ginger meet us there for a fun few hrs. The kids had fun swimming, floating in the tube, and paddling in the boat.
 Tea had fun digging in the dirt, she stood up on her head and began digging and throwing the dirt between her legs like a dog it was so funny I am glad Grandma was fast enough to get a picture.
 Tea also loved the water, I am so glad all of my kids have loved being in the water.

That same day we got a call that my Grandpa Fuddy wasn't doing very good and only had a few days. We left Willard and headed down to give our love and support to Grandma and tell Grandpa bye and we loved him. I will post some more about him and the funeral soon.

Hanging out with friends!

 Some or our good friends from PR live in Utah know so when we get a chance to get together we do. These are there cute girls, same ages as our boys! We went down to my moms house to pick apricots one weekend and invited them over for dinner and homemade ice cream. I ended up picking 4 5 gallon buckets full of apricots. I canned some, made jam, and pureed some to make fruit leather.
 The boys had a fun time climbing in the trees and on the ladders.

 Enjoying some homemade ice cream it was so yummy as you can tell by my hubbys face!

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Tea loves Popsicles it was so fun watching the boys having such a good sharing with her, she would bite it and suck it and make the funniest cold face.