Monday, August 29, 2011

Birthday Girl

 We still can't believe that Tea is one years old! Holy smokes that year went so fast, She is such a blessing to our family. Her brothers love her so much and enjoy her sweet smiles and laughter. I wish I could just freeze time and have her stay this way for a while longer. She is getting close to walking, she stands up on her own for a while. She loves to sing patty cake, and will usually make her happy at any time. She makes the cutest noises and loves to chatter. She can say Mom, dad, and this which is usually followed by a pointed finger to hand her something. She sure know what she wants and mostly gets her way we are in trouble for sure. We love you Tea Jo Happy Birthday!
 The boys had a fun time helping her open her presents which she didn't mind at all I am sure next year will be different.

 She loved this gift, a piano with a microphone she really likes to hear music and starts dancing to it all the time. She really liked to climb on this box and sit on it then clap for herself.

 A little help from dad, she seemed to enjoy her cake!

 We skyped with my parents so they could be apart of the party!

I found this picture from our NC trip this summer and missed posting it before. I love it giving dad a kiss through the window!


Nick and Maddy Winward said...

ADORABLE!! She is so stinkin cute!! You did an awesome job on the cake. I love the kissing picture! Miss you guys!

Kateka said...

Happy birthday, Tea! She looks just like you Jo! Love it. Also love the pic of Travis putting the cake in her face, and the picture of her kissing the window. So sweet!