Thursday, October 25, 2012

Weekend in Delta

Tea enjoying her cupcake, she has perfect facial hair. 
 We were able to go to Delta over fall break and visit Travis family. We had a nice time, Hollie and Adie were in town and it was so nice to see them. The grand kids had so much fun playing together, we are so glad to have cousins!!!
 We had a Halloween party and decorated some haunted houses.I love Tea's face in this one!

 Me and my hubby, this semester has probably been one of the hardest ones. I am so proud of my man, he will be done with his bachelors degree in December  woot woot!!! Then we will be moving on to the next adventure. We have had lots of prayers and fasting trying to decide what to do next. With lots of tears(on my part) and stressful days we have made a decision and have felt really good about it. Instead of going on to get a masters in something we have felt that getting another associates as a Physical Therapy assistant is the right choice for us. I still don't quite understand it but know that it is the right path for us and its hard going against a answer to our prayers. Travis has to drive to Provo twice a week to attend one class until we are done at Utah State then we will be moving to slc in December to finish the PTA program. In December we will have just 18 months left, yaaaaaaaa! I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Between him traveling to Provo twice a week ,his class at USU, and working we hardly ever see him until the weekend. Sometimes its days before the kids see him because he is gone early and home late. Needless to say we really miss him and can't wait to have a better schedule after we move. Last week he brought home his graduation packet and I was so excited!!! I had to do a quiet shout of excitement because the kiddos were asleep. I am grateful for the experiences we have had over the past two years, we have learned a lot and can't wait until the next step in life. Like owning a home, not moving for a while, just work no school, and so much more!!! I am so grateful for Travis and his willingness to work so hard at school and work! I have decided to work in a salon again twice a month and will be going to a CNA course in Nov for a week so  I can work as a CNA in slc to help out.I am nervous to go back to school and hopefully I am able to pass!!! I  would love to go back to school and be a RN but for know I will let Travis finish and go back after we have had a break from school.
 I can't believe how grown up all my kids look in this picture, I wish I could freeze time. I sure love them!
 We painted pumpkins last weekend, the kids loved it.
This is the best on of many pictures that we could get! All the cousins.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Camera Clean Up

This little girl was to quite and this is what I found! She even brushed toothpaste in her hair, it is amazing how fast they can make a mess in just a few short minutes. 

Helping with the laundry
Having a bubble bath in Grandmas bath tub, this makes me want to gag and I can't breath when they do this.

Travis and I went on a really fun date, we went to the zipline up Provo canyon.
We watched Liam for a few hrs while Brady and Alley went to the afternoon session of the Brigham Temple dedication. He is such a cute boy and getting so big! Remy wanted to feed him and did a good job.
We had Grandpa Great and Grandma Ber over for dinner for Erica's and Grandmas birthday. Grandpa Thomas had just been released from the rehab center a few days before. In august her rolled back down a hill on a four wheeler and broke some ribs and had a crack in his pelvic bone. The dr asked him what a man his age was doing on a four wheeler, Living life!! We are so glad he is healing and doing much better.

Second Grade

Hudson is in Second grade this year, his teacher is Mrs Abbott and we love her!!! She has so many fun reward systems and it has really helped him stay motivated with his reading and homework. She even brings her dog in for the day to hang out with the kids when they earn it. We will be so sad to leave and move in December! I am so sad about it. His teacher takes her students that read 400 books out to dinner with her and her husband and we will be able to continue from afar so he can come do that. She is awesome!
Hillcrest Huskys!

Bear Lake

We went to Bear Lake for Labor day with Travis's sisters family. We has so much fun! We rented a jet ski for a few hours, I am so glad we did it was a lot of fun and we all loved it except for Tea and Paisley. They lasted a few minutes and decided they were done, the boys loved it . 

Tea and Paisley playing in the paddle boats on the shore. I am so glad we have been able to spend more time with cousins!!! They have so much fun together.

Playing in the mud, the lake was pretty low so there was a lot of mud and not much of a beach. It made for some fun times.
A stormed blew in as we were finishing dinner so we hurried in the tent so we could stay dry, we ended up putting a show on and the kids though that was pretty fun. Tea was a tired girl missing her nap and snuggled with me for a minute. 

This little girl did not even put up a fight, she was out cold. It stormed all night, but at least the kids all slept good usually its a terrible night when we camp. We ended up packing up that morning because it was still raining and didn't want to hang out in the tent all day. We decided we needed to do this again next year with all of Travis's family.

Logan River

The kids have been wanting to go swimming in Logan river all summer, Travis took them the weekend before school started. They had lots of fun in the way to cold water.
Cute cheeks!
They found a fun spot to slide down in the river.
She is growing up so fast, she loved the swing!
Remy, he is still our little Puerto Rican the first time he jumped in he had a hard time swimming because he couldn't catch his breath Travis went to the rescue. He was not expecting the water to be so cold!

Frampton Family Reunion

We had our annual Frampton Family reunion in August, It is always a fun day with family and lots of swimming. My mom and aunt Heidi holding there babies!
It was so fun to have Grandpa and Grandma there this year!
Aunt Heidi , Lil, Aunt Becky and Grandma Ber! I love these gals!
Remy's perfect plank and belly flop! The boys swam all day long they love the pool.
Aunt Bethany is engaged!!!! We are so excited for them Tea was supposed to help with the proposal and she wasn't really following along but it still went well!