Monday, August 13, 2012

Tea's Happy Birthday

 We celebrated Teas's birthday this weekend, Norine and Brandon came up with there kids Friday night and we had nice visit and played a fun game. The next morning the boys watched cartoons together. We sure love having cousins!
 Tea was so excited for her cake, she calls it happy cake and it was her happy day that's what she calls her birthday. She loves farm animals so I decided to do that this year, my favorite is the sheep.

 Paisley and Remy are good little buddies
 Mccoy, Norine and Brandon
 She really understood presents and how to open them, she was so excited.

 She got a new pair of boot, purse, baby, umbrella and some cute outfits. She takes the purse everywhere.

 I can't believe she is two!!! We sure love her, even though she is pretty sassy! It is so fun to have a girl they are so different and the drama oh my! She loves to play with her brothers and tease them, and has just stared to boss them around. She is talking so much it is crazy compared to the boys at this age! We love you Tea and are so grateful to have you in our family.

 Papa Jed and Grandma Ginger
 Grandma Lil and Papa Lindz
It was so nice to have both grandparents there, it has been since Husdon was one that we have had that and it was so nice to have most the family there. We missed the few that weren't able to make it.
The next day was Sunday and Papa joined the kiddos for a snack before church

St. George

 We meet up with our good friends the Juarez in St. George for a weekend, we had such a good time and I wish I would have taken more pictures. We went to the Dixie rock, Temple and visitors center one morning and the rest of the time we spent at the pool and having a good time.

 Some one had carved this cook face into the rock

 Tea went from smelling this flower to sticking it in her nose, nice real nice.

Parley's and Erica's Reception

 Erica did an awesome job decorating for her wedding she made this awesome cake pop stand for her cake pops.
Travis and Brady took turns shuttling the few people that parked at the church, Tea had a fun time having rides with dad.
Some of the cousins having a ride.

The cake pops were yummy, Tea also enjoyed them and since she is so cute she got to many from asking anyone near by.

Cute couple waiting to dance
They had smores, I am sure I will get in trouble for this one!
We went to a family friends house the next day for a visit and lunch, the boys loved there bird and awesome farm. Riding the horse with Maddy.

Tea holding cute Liam 


 I finally made the time to take some pictures of my kids, I was really happy with the way the turned out so I blew them up to a poster size and put them on a canvas and hung them in our living room.

 Getting one of them all together and all smiling is a challenge, this is the best we got even after a treat bribe.

Happy Birthday!

 I had a really nice birthday, my parents came up for the weekend and its the first time in 3 years that they have been to were we live. It was so fun to have them, we LOVE having them home!!!!
 I made my first cheesecake for my cake, it was a coconut key lime from our best bites and it was so yummy! Taking the first bite, notice it on my nose so did Tea and she licked it off before I could see it coming, funny girl!

 Having a chessecake kiss
 Tea looking at some pictures with Papa
Later that night Tea was watching a show with dad and using him as a chair.