Friday, October 28, 2011

Grandpa Fuddy

I am playing catch up,

Dan Doxey Frampton "Fudd" 1931 ~ 2011

Our dear husband, father, grandfather, brother and friend passed on quietly at home on August 13, 2011. His sweetheart wife was at his side as she has been for 65 years since they were 15 year olds 'going steady'. He will be sorely missed but his legacy of kindness, hard work, humor and testimony will live on in his posterity, whose lives will continue to be blessed by this good man.

Dan did not have an unkind word for anyone and leading by example, he often counseled us to simply love those with whom we had disagreement. He served his country honorably in the Air National Guard during the Korean conflict. He was a life-long member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and wore out his life in the service of God. He helped to build the kingdom wherever he was called - sharing the gifts of truth and love which he possessed so abundantly. He served in many positions of trust and leadership and especially loved the time spent on missions with Berylene.

Dan was born in Salt Lake City on April 11, 1931 to William Vere Frampton and Helen Pearl Doxey. He lived in Holladay his entire life where he served on numerous committees and councils helping to keep Holladay a wonderful place to live. He married the girl of his dreams, Berylene Coshow, on May 28, 1951 and together they have eight children: Cozette (Barney) Carlson, Sam (Meridee) Frampton, Becky (Grey) Airhart, Jane (Dick) Goulding, Bruno (Shauna) Frampton, Sylvia (Lindsay) Thomas, Jason (Shelley) Frampton and Heidi (David) Lawrence.

Preceded in death by parents, step-mother Delight Thomas, siblings Will Frampton and Janice Burnham, one granddaughter and one great-grandson. He is survived by his wife, their children, 34 grandchildren, 36 great-grandchildren and sister Mary Schofield. Viewings will be on Friday, August 19, 6-8 p.m. and Saturday, August 20, 9-10:30 a.m. Funeral Saturday at 11 a.m. All will be held at the Holladay South Stake Center, 4917 Viewmont Street. 

 The cousins trying there best to be reverent while the parents practiced the song for the funeral

My mom is a sibling of 8, so the oldest grandson in each family was a paul bearer.

 My Grandma Ber and her 8 children (with a much younger stand-in for my mom who is serving a mission in North Carolina). I got to be the lucky one of my siblings and read my mom's talk at the funeral, and be her stand in for pictures. 

 Grandma caught a ride back to the church on the bishops scooter!

Grandma made all of these delicious cookies for the after party at her house. This date was already planned to be our family reunion. I think grandpa was trying to have us all show up this time! Almost all of the 118 family members were there. 
Travis throwing Hudson into the pool of the diving board, Remy also joined in on the fun!

We ended the day by sharing stories about Grandpa Fuddy. I am so grateful to be a part of such a amazing family. 

Daisy's Prison Photo

I have been meaning to post this for months! Daisy loves to run away any chance she gets, we have talked to some other bassets hound owners and there dogs were the same way, I was glad to know that. Anyways we have had to pay twice to get her out of the pound and once we were lucky enough for the cop to just call Travis and he went to get her. The first time she left it was quite a traumatic experience, the kids were heart broken and just cried for hrs, okay I was too a little too, mostly for the kiddos! The pound took this picture for us and emailed it to us.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Family Fun

 Family wii time, Tea even loved playing along.
 Hello,she pretends that everything is a phone.
 Travis hung the rings up in the tree a while ago the boys have loved it.
 Today was pj day at school for read ribbon week
 Tea having fun in the leafs, I found these furry warm slippers in the boys bag my mom gave them to Hudson one winter they are a little big but will work she loved them
 Daisy, ahhh I am not a huge fan of having a dog right now but we have been so lucky with daisy. She never listens and runs a way at any chance but she never barks and is so good with the kids!!!!

Pumpkin Walk

 This is the first year that we went to the pumpkin walk and it was a lot of fun. The kids had fun taking pictures in these fun cutouts.
 Harry potter, they have only watched the first one but I can't wait until they are old enough to read them these books. On Sunday Remy asked Travis during the sacrament prayer who was saying the prayer and he showed him when the young man stood up. Remy said " the harry potter kid"?

 Angry Birds

 This was my favorite one, Despicable Me I thought these girls looked just like them.

 Football team
 Gulligans island, these face paintings were awesome some one spent a lot of time on them
 Phineus and Ferb, the boys loved this one
 Winne the Pooh
 Tiger was pretty impressive
 Awwww plant verses aliens
 Cute cinderalla, she loved sticking her head in these

Of course I had to take a picture of Tangled for my sister!


 Over UEA I took the kids and went to visit my cousin and her kids, they had such a good time playing. The neighbors puppies wondered over one morning and the kids had so much fun playing with them for a few hours until the owner came to get them.

 Tea was so sad when it was time to come in, I know this is kinda a sad picture but cute too.

 While we were there we went to a corn maze, they had some fun slides and a corn pit to play in forget the corn maze! Sally was nice and took Remy down while I chased Tea around and took some pictures.
 Hudson liked going down on his tummy
 This cute girl is growing up so fast! She is walking around like crazy, she loves to play outside and has fun on the tramp with the boys. She can say mom and more along with gibbering like crazy. She also has been sighing eat and more. She finally has more than two teeth, she will be 15 month old in a few weeks!
 They all loved the corn pit and spent most of the time in it.

 We attempted the corn maze with 7 kids and 2 adults, we lasted 15 min and decided to find the begining and call it good before it got dark and spooky.

 The boys had fun climbing in one of there tree, it was fun until they were covered in sap and it ruined there clothes, oh well.
 Hudson climbed up pretty high, these boys and no fear is not so good!