Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween fun

 Grandma Lil and Grandpa Lindz sent the kids a fun Halloween package, these are the shirts they got. They loved them!
 It was our Frampton Halloween party on friday, here is my brother Brady as one of the characters from yo gabba gabba. Aunt Jane brought them all and the few adults that were lucky enough got to wear them.

 Our Family, minus the parents who will be there next year:}and Uncle Par who was home sick.
 Singing Halloween songs, the aunts never disappoint us!
 Grandma Ber, with out this amazing women this party would not have happened!! She has always worked so hard to have a close family, I still remember when I was a kid having the Halloween party at our sandy house in my dads shop I always looked forward to the Frampton parties.
 Cute Tea was a lady bug this year, my mom bought her this cute costume a few months ago and it was so cute on her!
Aunt Beth was a rubber ducky in a bubble bath, she was nice and shared it with Tea


Riva said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your hair!!!!!!! You are so pretty and I LOVE this look on you!! I am glad you went shorter because I LOVE it! You look young, and chic and fun!! LOVE it!! and your cute kids are cute, duh, but let's write more about your hair, it's so gorgeous on you! You always look pretty, and I noticed the hair you chopped is now growing on trav's face, fun pictures, thanks for posting... did I mention I LOVE your hair!?