Monday, October 24, 2011


 Over UEA I took the kids and went to visit my cousin and her kids, they had such a good time playing. The neighbors puppies wondered over one morning and the kids had so much fun playing with them for a few hours until the owner came to get them.

 Tea was so sad when it was time to come in, I know this is kinda a sad picture but cute too.

 While we were there we went to a corn maze, they had some fun slides and a corn pit to play in forget the corn maze! Sally was nice and took Remy down while I chased Tea around and took some pictures.
 Hudson liked going down on his tummy
 This cute girl is growing up so fast! She is walking around like crazy, she loves to play outside and has fun on the tramp with the boys. She can say mom and more along with gibbering like crazy. She also has been sighing eat and more. She finally has more than two teeth, she will be 15 month old in a few weeks!
 They all loved the corn pit and spent most of the time in it.

 We attempted the corn maze with 7 kids and 2 adults, we lasted 15 min and decided to find the begining and call it good before it got dark and spooky.

 The boys had fun climbing in one of there tree, it was fun until they were covered in sap and it ruined there clothes, oh well.
 Hudson climbed up pretty high, these boys and no fear is not so good!