Wednesday, March 31, 2010

21 weeks

I will be 21 weeks tommorow and I guess it might be time for a prego belly pic. This is mostly for my Mom and sister who keep telling me when we skype that I don't look like I am showing at all. I sure feel like I am. I am so glad to be feeling better now, after 15 weeks I have felt so much better. I love being pregnant, I am so grateful to be a mom and nothing brings me more joy than being a mom and wife. I have been feeling our baby girl moving around for a while now but Travis was able to feel her for the first time last week. I love it when he gets to feel the baby it makes it all a little more real. Today we went to the mall and I told Travis that I wanted him to pick out an outfit for her. My dad did that for me and they still have it so I wanted something special like that for our baby girl. He picked out this really cute dress from Gap and I think that is what she will have to come home in from the hospital. As we were looking at all the cute clothes he said "this is a lot of fun to do with you, I can't wait to have a little girl I am so excited". He is already it trouble I think his little girl already has his heart!

Hudson is really sweet about his baby sister. The doctor told him this week that his sister can hear what he is saying to her. Since then he loves to talk to her and is really cute about it! I think this little girl will be well protected.
Remy really wanted to work out with me the other day so here we are doing step ups and dips. I have still been doing crossfit and love it they have a crossfit mom website with all the things you can do and can't with each trimester. Maybe with all these squats our baby will come early, haha I can only wish!!!!

Church Easter egg hunt

We had our ward Easter last Saturday and the boys had fun at the egg hunt.

Hudson counting his eggs, they were each allowed to get 12 eggs and lets just say he had a few extra so he hid them again for the older kids.
It took Remy a few minutes to figure out what to do mostly because when he would pick up the little eggs they would open and jelly beans would come out. He was really concerned about picking up all the candy before he could move on.

Travis ran ina 10K that afternoon, here he is being silly and thinking he was so tough!! He did really good he placed 2nd in his age group and 4th or 5th overall. He did really good for only training by doing crossfit.

Hudson's owie

We were swimming out in our little blow up pool last week and Hudson decided to dive in chin first and smacked his chin on the hard concrete. Travis was home and we just decided to try and use some butterfly bandaids and avoid the ER if we could. Hudson was a very brave patient and Remy was a great moral support. He held Hudson's hand the whole time and was very interested in what Dad was doing to help.

Nice cut
I would say that this was way easier than dealing with the ER and look at how nice the Doctors assistiant was.
All done, I love these boy's and I really hate it when they get hurt. I know we will have more injuries to come but I am grateful they have not been so serious so far. Having two little dare devils with no fear is not such a great combination. Some days I am glad that they are outgoing and have no fear of the world but other day's I am not so sure.

Hudson's Pre-K Easter Party

Hudson's class had a Easter party with an Easter egg hunt last week. I wasn't planning on going until that morning and Hudson asked me if I was coming and that he really wanted me too. So how could I say no to that, Remy tagged along and thought it was great. I missed the egg hunt because traffic was so bad that morning so I didn't get and pictures of it.

Hudson made these really cute bunny ears and an Easter basket, they turned out so cute and he has loved wearing his ears to all the Easter parties. I was so impressed with his coloring skills he is getting so good at it. This week is spring break and Hudson keeps asking when he goes back to school. I think he must really like it or he is just sick of seeing him Mom so much.
I am pretty sure that Remy really enjoyed the party, at least the chips!
Travis took this picture a few weeks ago, this is one of Remy's favorite spots to sit. He really likes watching show now and likes to pick them more.


Grandma Lil sent the boy's a doll at the beginning of March with a cute note telling them they could practice with the dolls so that they would be ready to have a baby. They loved it, it was fun to see them carry them around and feed them. They both liked to have them wrapped up in the cute blankets that Grandma made and would get upset when they would come unwrapped. Travis said "I never thought I would see them carrying dolls around".

Grandma Lil with the dolls before she sent them so the boys could see that they visited with Grandma and Grandpa before coming to our house.
Feeding the baby's!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cute Flower Giveaway

My very talented friend is doing a flower clip give away! Get on her blog and check out all the cute stuff she makes!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

ITS A GIRL !!!!!

We found out on Thursday that we will be having a baby girl!!!! We are all so excited! I think that Hudson's smile was as big as his mom's when we found out! Hudson has been really sweet lately with the whole baby thing. A Few day's ago while I was exercising I was doing sit ups on the ball and Hudson said, " mom your tummy is getting bigger, how much longer is it until August?" He is pretty excited. He then said can I feel it so he came over and felt my tummy then put his head on it and said "hi baby" and then stood up with a big smile on his face! It was really sweet. Remy also did the same thing after Hudson. It is really fun that Hudson understands and it will be fun when he gets to feel the baby move around! The doctor was nice and gave both boys a picutre of the Ultrasound. Hudson was so excited to go to school yesterday and take the ultrasound picture with him. He was showing everyone at the bus stop and the bus monitors and driver. I think he was just as excited that it was a girl as his mom! We have a few
names we really like we just need to decided which one to use. Names were always harder for us with the boys.
I have bought a few cute outfits, okay I bought them all but two of them before we knew what we were having. So I don't have to return them!!! Travis told me that I need to learn a new word " restraint". I think that he might be right but we have waited so long to have a baby girl and now I guess I can't wait to dress her up! I am still not used to saying "her or she" I think I am still in shock. I had just decided that it was a boy so it would be easier no to get sad, not that I wouldn't be happy with a boy we were just already for some more pink in this family. I have already been planning and looking online at fabric to buy to make a quilt and some burp rags. I also am going to be making lots of cute hair clips. Lets just hope she has as much hair as her brothers did when they were born!


We found out that Remy loves homemade salsa, what's not to love? He was so funny he would take Travis bowl and was not about to give it up!

Hudson being silly for the camera, he tried the salsa but didn't what any more.

Remy then decided to add his rice to the salsa, I think this picture says it all. He was pretty excited to try his creation.