Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hudson's Pre-K Easter Party

Hudson's class had a Easter party with an Easter egg hunt last week. I wasn't planning on going until that morning and Hudson asked me if I was coming and that he really wanted me too. So how could I say no to that, Remy tagged along and thought it was great. I missed the egg hunt because traffic was so bad that morning so I didn't get and pictures of it.

Hudson made these really cute bunny ears and an Easter basket, they turned out so cute and he has loved wearing his ears to all the Easter parties. I was so impressed with his coloring skills he is getting so good at it. This week is spring break and Hudson keeps asking when he goes back to school. I think he must really like it or he is just sick of seeing him Mom so much.
I am pretty sure that Remy really enjoyed the party, at least the chips!
Travis took this picture a few weeks ago, this is one of Remy's favorite spots to sit. He really likes watching show now and likes to pick them more.


Kateka said...

I love Rhemy's cheeser at the end of this post. So cute.