Sunday, April 15, 2012

Baby Animal Days

The cousins were all able to join us for baby animal days this year. This is our first time going, it was so crowded and busy but the kids loved it.

The baby bears were pretty awesome, we had a heads up to go there first thing so we wouldn't have to wait in line forever.We did wait about 15 mins and Travis kept reminding me that this is why we won't go to Disneyland.

These baby turtles were so little
They had a wild west act going on and Tea was not a happy camper when they started to shot their guns. I don't blame her it was so loud.
Hudson told Papa he wanted to ride the bull so he took him over and waited in line, he had so much fun and we were able to get a few smiles out of his serious face when we cheered loud for him.

we probably spent 30mins at the pole watching people try to climb it. They had greased the top and put fake money up there for you to try and get. The boys had a good time trying and even talked there dad into giving it a try. Travis was able to get 5 dollars and the boys were so excited, I still tease him that he should have gone for the 100 dollar bill it was only  a few feet higher!

The baby pigs were so cute, Tea was pretty excited and said " a pig" and made some snorting noises.

I was standing in the long line for the bunnies while Travis took the boys over to the baby ducks! I wish I would have been there to hold one, they came back with some cute pictures. Hudson was excited to come tell me that his duck climbed up on his shoulder and was happy to just sit there.

The bunnies were my favorite and I would have bought this one Hudson was holding if we had our own yard and garage.  Not sure what he's checking for in his ear.

Not sure why Remy is tasting this bunnies ear. Travis said he was just feeling how soft his ear was on his lips.

Snuggling with dad, Travis is already in so much trouble, she has him were she wants!

Easter Weekend

 We had Travis family all here for Easter and we had a really fun time. Hollie brought a Micheal Jackson dancing game for the wii and it was a lot of fun. Hudson loved it and was pretty good!

Remy laughing at everyone dancing 
 Travis thinking, "you all look like idiots!"
 The kids all had a fun time looking for their baskets on Easter morning
 All ready for church, it was so fun to have all the cousins together! We sure miss Adie, it was so fun to watch them playing and having a good time.
 Remy was done with taking pictures
 Grandma Ging and Papa with all the kiddos.

 We made a quick trip down to go to the Frampton Family egg roll, it was so nice to see some of the family. Parley and Erica drew some sweet peeps on there eggs.

 Grandma put the pressure on by telling us that her egg was the fuddy egg, poor Aunt Jane beat her.

 Tea aka the treat thief
 Uncle Par let Hudson and Remy use some of there sweet eggs!
 Hudson was pretty excited to make it to the next round. Sadly the Thomas family didn't win, I am still proud to be the winner sometime  in the 90's!
 Tea was made because we took her away from trying on someones shoes to have her second turn. She loves shoes and loves to try any ones shoes on if they leave them laying around. Don't mind her dirty face, I can partly blame Par for assisting her in retrieving a cupcake.

 Ahh sister! I am so grateful to have such an amazing sister!!! Even though we are eight years apart and in completely different stages in our lives we have always had a good relationship!
 The ducks have been visiting our yard lately and will come pretty close if you have some bread to feed them, the kids love to look out the window to see if they are around.
 We bought some sand this weekend to put in our tiny pool, I have a feeling this will be five dollars well spent. The kids have already played in it all weekend.