Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas outfits

Grandma bought Tea this pretty dress and the boys there Christmas shirts.
Remy wanted in on the fun.

Grandma Lil and Aunt Beth bought Tea this cute coat and furry white boots, I want one in my size.

Grandma Ginger, Papa with the grandkids, we are missing Adie. We were able to see Adie and Hollie the week before Christmas and it was so nice to see them and visit with them.

Hudson wanted to do a silly picture, like the gold pom poms that Hudson bought for his dad for Christmas. We took the kids to the dollar store and let them buy a present for each of us, they had a lot of fun doing that.

Christmas 2010

Putting the reindeer food out for Santa's reindeer.
The boys were pretty excited for Christmas this year! We went to Delta this year to spend Christmas with Travis family, we had a fun time. I had a fun time making there gifts this year. I made the boys dinosaur tails and Travis helped me make a car mat. I made Tea a dress and a doll. Santa brought Hudson a remote control monster truck and Remy a basketball hoop.
This is the car mat we made, I go the idea from my dad and mom who made my brother and I one for Christmas when we were kids. On there mat we did things they knew or where they have been. We drew an Airport so they could fly to the mission home in NC to go to Grandma and Papa's house there, Grandma Gingers and Papa's house in Delta, Our house in Logan, a Crossfit gym, Construction site, Carl's Jr., Gas station, church, Adam's elementary were Hudson goes to school, Second dam Logan Canyon were we go to fish and throw rocks in the water, and Escombrone beach our favorite one in PR. We bought some cars to go along with it, they have played with it and seem to really like it . I do after all the work to make it!
My cousin gave me this cute idea to make them tails, they love to run around and try to knock each other over with them. My friend found these dino hats to go with them.
Tea's Doll and Dress, I love how the dress turned out it is the first time I have ever made one, it is so fun to have a girl.
The boys were so excited that there new jammies were spider man! Here they are doing there spider man poses.
I still can't believe that we have three kiddos. I am so glad each of them our in our family they each bring so much joy to me! Plus its so fun to have a cute girl to stick between two stinky boys!
Christmas dinner
Remy wore his jammies all day, he didn't want to change, either did I.

Tea is getting so big, she is trying to sit up and be big!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Nativity

We had our Thomas Christmas party last night, it was so nice to go since it has been three years. We have a tradition that we still do that I remember doing when I was a little girl. We always had a live nativity while Grandpa Thomas read from the Bible. The great grandkids had the chance to be out actors.
Here are all the kids getting ready.

I love my Grandpa Thomas so much, he is such an awesome example to me. He is not afraid to show his emotions and even called himself a boob! Funny Grandpa, I thanked him later for passing on that to me. We all missed Grandma Thomas who passed away this summer.
Remy was the star of the show. He was a lamb, and he played his part well and stayed in that character for a good 30 mins. Here he is waiting for his turn to enter the stable.

Hudson aka Wise man!
Remy would prop his head on the manger and give a Bahhh ever few seconds.
After Remy climbed in the manger to pose for everyone, I told my cousin she would be lucky if she got the suit pack. Luckily he was hot and took it off so we took Remy home with us instead! Thank goodness that would have been a long ride home filled with Bahhhhs!

The Real Santa Pays a Visit

Santa was in the neighborhood and decided to pay my boys a visit and remind them to be extra good! Hudson was so excited and said it is the real Santa he knew my name!

We were able to see my Grandparents a few times this weekend! We love them and I had a nice visit with them on Monday when I went to help them out. My Grandma had hip surgery 4 weeks ago. She is a trooper and is moving around so good. I am so thankful for the awesome example they have been to me all my life. They were always at every event that was important to us. One of my favorite memories of them is every Christmas day they would drive to our house along with all my cousins houses to visit. They have set some fun traditions for our family and am thankful for all there hard work to make our family close! My grandpa Fuddy suffers from Dementia, it has been hard to see him struggle with this, We still love him and he still has his sense of humor.

Camera Clean Up

Giving Tea in the baby bath the other day because our tub was not draining very good. She loves to suck on her fingers all the time.
We like to say that she has hair like Kramer.
Remy was born into the wrong generation, I think he would love to have bread and milk in a bowl. I made grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner and Remy decided to dip it in his glass of milk. When he polished it off I just gave him a little bowl of milk to dip it in. He must be an old spirit in a 2 year old little body.

Trav took the boys too an indoor playground, they had so much fun. Hudson decided to drink a whole water bottle while Trav was not looking and had a sick belly. He came home and just had to lie on the bathroom floor--his sidekick joined him.
Hudson made a sweet gingerbread house at school on Friday.
We went to try and get pictures of the grandkids because Adie was in town visiting. Kiddie Kandids made us wait forever past our appointment and all the kids were falling apart so we decided to leave. We tried to at least get a pic of everyone together and this is the best we could do! It's hard enough to get one kid to "show up" for a pictures, but when you have six little one's it's always a little bit harder. P.S. Job at Kiddie Kandids=one day in h$#@!

Santa came to ward Christmas Party and I took the kids up to where he was going to sit down before he came in so we wouldn't have to wait forever in line to see him. I got TRAMPLED by lots of kids scrambling to get in line to sit on his lap! I ended climbing over some tables to escape but it was worth it.
We are dedicated Crossfitters in our home!! That's right--a tractor tire in the kitchen! We used it later to season some soup too--delicious!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

4 months old

Tea had her 4 month check up a few days early, I can't believe how fast time is going. She is such a sweet baby she loves to smile at us and has started to giggle. She loves to chew on her hands and has been sucking on her thumb once in a while. She has been working hard on getting some big cheeks that we love! She is a good sleeper which is a blessing for mom. She loves her brothers and they love her, they are very sweet on her. Hudson asked if he could marry Tea, because he loves her and wants her to stay in the family. I did some explaining that she is already in our family and we can't marry our sisters.

Weight 13 lbs 6 oz's
Height 23.75 inches

Grandma Lil and Grandpa Lindz sent the kids a fun early Christmas package. In side they got some cute Christmas pj's, socks, gingerbread house to decorate, and some fun Christmas crafts that they have been loving! Thank they loved it!

Brian Head

We had a nice thanksgiving this year with the Frampton family. We went over to Uncle Sam's and Aunt Dee Dee's. It was fun to have Thanksgiving with some family, we did miss our good friends the Draves who where kind enough to have us over for the two that they lived in PR for. They are dear friends and I miss them.

After Thanksgiving on Friday we were invited by our good friends the Juarez's to come stay at there family's cabin with them for the weekend. We have been friends since we lived in West Jordan when Hudson was a baby. They just recently moved to California a few months after we moved back and we miss them! It was so fun to go and spend some time with them and Riva's parents.
Remy going on a snowmobile ride with Papa Tim, he was so nice to take the kids on rides and even let Travis take one for a spin.

All bundled up ready to go. I didn't take very many pictures like I wish I would have, Hudson helped pick out a tree and Travis cut it down. It is a fun tree and I am glad they let us do that because it was free, we can handle that!
The adults had fun playing cards into the night once the kids were all asleep. We played a never ending game of phase 10 and then some cribbage. We had some good laughs! Thanks for the fun time guys!