Monday, March 21, 2011

Not that I am counting...

I can't wait.... in 92 days we will be going here:
To see :

My brother Parley who is currently serving a mission in Brasil and will return in June!!! 
 My parents who are serving as mission president in North Carolina, the boys have't seen them for a year by then!
My sister Beth, who is living with my parents but will be moving back for college this summer yeah!!!

 It has been two years since we have been togehter as a family and we will all be there!!!
 My siblings, it will be so nice to be all together again!! We cant wait, the next 92 days won't go fast enough!

Camera Clean Up

Crazy hair, I finally was able to convince Travis that Remy's hair was out of control and needed to be cut. He has a large heed as it is and the three inch puffy hair was not helping. 

 Travis took the boys sleding a few weeks ago when Tea was really sick and they were getting a little cabin fever. We don't have a sled and are to cheap to buy one at the moment so they took the little swimming pool. It was a hit, it went faster than all the other sleds and other kids where asking to try it. It work out nice the boys got to ride white trash style then switch and share a real sled with some one else. Who needs a real sled when you have a swimming pool!

 Remy is fighting the naps he could still use one some days, I put a show on for him and Hudson a few weeks ago and this is how I found him a few minutes later.
He was so ornery when he woke up he just wanted to snuggle which I was happy to do it doesn't happen often that he will sit still enough to do that. Hudson wanted to try and take a picture and he did a pretty good job. 
 The boys love to join Tea in the bath at the end of her bath, I don't think she minds. 
Tea has found her tongue, she loves to smile and stick it out at you. She is growing up so fast, she has been surprising herself when she rolls over. She is always happy to give you a smile and she sure loves her dad. 
 Grandma Ginger and Grandpa Jed came to visit us this weekend, it was so fun to have them here. The kids had a good time and we had a nice visit and played some card games. I am so thankful that my kiddos have such awesome grandparents that love them and love to spend time with them.
 It seems that she already has figured out how to strike a pose for the camera, Grandma Lil gave her this cute out fit and she is big enough to wear it now.
 Getting some kisses from grandma!

A few funny stories:
Remy: He has been going to speech therapy twice a week for 20 mins at the elementary school. The week Tea was really sick I had Travis take him, he hasn't met the teacher yet. Travis let Remy take his Daisy dog (stuffed animal) with him, so he walks into his class room and Mrs. Pam says to Remy ,"You brought someone new with you today", Remy quickly replies " Yep that my Daisy dog"! Poor dad doesn't seem to matter much.
Hudson: We went down to his Aunt Norine's to play with the kids and visit a few weeks ago. Travis told Hudson that there was going to be someone special there to see us,(grandma and grandpa) Hudson says" I knew it, its President Monson I am so excited"! Funny boy has been telling us lately that he wants to be the prophet. We just have to explain that we don't get to pick, and he can serve in other ways like going on a Mission.