Saturday, November 22, 2008

Five awesome Years!

Today is our 5th Anniversary! I can't believe how time can fly! It has been such a fun five years with so many changes. Here is a little overview.... Moved 7 times, lived in 2 States and a different country, had 2 babies, Trav has had 5 completely diffrent jobs ( AE Outfitters, Plumbing, Lab tech at Primary Children Hospital, Prison, and now Coast Guard I think its about time for a change:} ) , and 4 cars! What an eventful 5 years! I am so Grateful that I was blessed to marry such an amazing man! I can't wait to see what the future has in store for us! I Love you Travis!

Boys, Boys, and more Boys!

Here are a few pictures of the boys, and what they have been up to lately!

Hudson army crawling around with Remy!

Grandma Lil sent the boy's a package and it had the Thanksgiving little people set! Hudson was so funny when he opened it he said "I love it"! Thanks Grandma Lil and Papa!

Remy enjoyed the little people! He especially loved eating them and banging them around! When we first handed it to him he looked at the little face and just smiled then proceed to slobber on it!

Here they are both watching Yo Gabba Gabba! It is a pretty scary show Travis loves it and I'm sure he would have been sucked into it also if he was home!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Remy dancing!

Remy has been dancing a lot lately! Last night we finally got it on video! When he was eating dinner last night my cell phone rang and he stopped mid bit and started dancing! It was so funny! Remy is an intense eater so it caught us by surprise ! He will growls the whole time that he is eating! If he sees us eating and he wants a bite he will growl! Kinda cute but getting old to us when we have to hear it every meal!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Sweet Boy!

Hudson has been such a pleasant boy all around lately! The terrible two's don't even compare to the Horrific Three's! I have a really hard time with the back talking and a few other things that come along with getting big and being independent! I don't know what changed lately other than he is 6 months away from being Four! Maybe it magically gets a little easier or I've just learned how to reach him better and we understand each other better! He is doing so good at listening and doing things all by himself! My Baby is getting so big and I am trying to enjoy every moment I can because before I know it he will be grown and gone! We sighed Hudson up to play soccer, it starts next month! He is so excited he always wants to play soccer with Mom or Dad. He is staring to understand not to use his hands, we have to keep reminding him no hands! Last night I was playing with him and he was doing so good not using his hands, then when he bent over and I reminded him no hands so he bent down and used his elbows! Funny boy, it wasn't his hands, is that allowed in soccer? I love you so much Hudson! Thanks for being so patient with your Mom!


Just plan cute!

Playing on the sweet red kitchen floor! Our whole house is tile and I have become a little anal since Remy has been army crawling around! I have been sweeping and mopping every other night! I hate picking Remy up and he is covered in crap! These floors are so hard to keep clean, I won't miss them ! { My Mom bought these sweet socks for Remy along with a blue pair with brown srips at a boutique! Thanks Grandma! He wears them every day because pants are to hot to wear and these are thin enough! They help his legs not stick to the ground when he is moving around! He is all over the place!}

Hudson sucking on Remy's foot! He does this every once in a while, I have no idea why his foot but it gets Remy to laugh every time! Remy is really ticklish even his feet!

Hudson has been really good with Remy lately! I think that as Remy gets bigger and interacts more Hudson notices him a more! Hudson is such a good brother and really plays soft with Remy! He can always get Remy to smile or laugh in seconds! It has been really fun as a mom to watch them play! These are a few pictures of a rare occasion were Hudson is letting Remy climb on him or touch him! Hudson is getting better everyday with Remy! Its not that he doesn't love him he just is accepting him better as a play mate!

I'm awake!

This is Remy's new thing that he has been doing lately! He knows were the door is that we walk into to go into his room! So when he wakes up or his going down for naps he will crawl over to the end of the bed and pulls down the bumper pad and yells out to us until we come and greets us with a big huge cheesy smile! He is 10 months old tomorrow! He is so fun and does the cutest things I just want to squeeze him! Love you Remmers!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Siblings, swings, and picking apples!

This is Remy's concerned look that he gives us! Here he is swinging backwards in the swing he thought that was pretty fun! You wouldn't think so by the face he is making!

Here he is smiling! Notice the nice scratch on Remy's forehead, he got that in nursery from a little girl! I stayed in with Hudson for a few minuets to get him settled in my mom's ward and while we were their Remy got scratched! Umm maybe we don't want a sister after all!

Hudson helped Grandma Lil pick apples! He thought it was pretty cool to stand on the ladder!

Hudson loves to swing high and fast! What a true boy!

This is a picture of me and my siblings. Bethany, Parley , Me, and Brady! I am so grateful that we all love each other and we have a lot of fun together! I miss that I don't get to do things with them very often! They are all such fun Uncles and Aunt to our boys! Love you guys! Miss you!

Fun at Grandma Ging's

I am trying to catch up on a few more pictures from our trip to Utah! Grandma Ginger and Uncle Brandon took Hudson and McCoy to the sand dunes to get some sand! They had a lot of fun playing in the sand and running up and down the hills! Then they brought back some sand to make a sand box!

Playing in the sandbox!

I haven't taken pictures of Remy in the bath lately so I took a few while we were visiting Trav's Family!

This is the face he made at me after I took the fish away! He was not very happy with that! His little personality is coming out more and more everyday!
He loves swinging in the swing !

Endless Fun

At Grandpa's Lindz's house their is a big dirt hill in the back yard. Hudson would push the dump truck up and down it forever! I could send him out to play and tell him to stay in the back yard and he would play forever! Ahh how I wish we had a yard! He loved that he could roll around in the dirt and their would be dust every where! It's way to humid in PR to have any dust! He would come in covered in dirt!

Happy Birthday Travis!

Happy Birthday Travis!
I was waiting until we had some pics to post this but I wanted you to know how grateful I am to have you in my life! I am so glad you were born 28 years ago! Thank you for being such a wonderful Husband, Dad, Provider, and Best friend! I love you and hope you had a good Birthday!

Travis always teases me that he never gets a cool cake like the ones I have made for Hudson. So this year I thought I could spice up his cake a little bit for him! So me and Hudson decided to make him a baseball cake!

Our Birthday traditon is to make your favorite meal or what ever you feel like eating on your birthday! Travis requested homemade pizza! So I made him some pizza , cake, and suprized him with some homemade ice cream! Hudson had fun helping Dad blow out the candles!

Happy Halloween

My cowboy and Dragon!

This year we borrowed costumes from my mom that she had made for my brothers when they were little! Hudson loved being a cowboy! He also loved trick or treating! How dosen't! He got a little hot but other than that he had fun! Thanks mom for the nice cowboy shirt!