Friday, May 2, 2014

Girls Weekend

We decided it was time to start doing a girls weekend, we had so much fun and were so spoiled. I am so grateful to have such amazing women in my life I look up to them all so much and love them!! 
We decided to spend the weekend at my Dad's and Mom's house so that we could use the money for some fun activities! We stared on Friday night and I did there nails and we stayed up late visiting. The next morning my Dad made us all breakfast! He is so awesome! He had a menu and had us pick two cereals to have in the tiny bowls, he has a thing with tiny dishes! so fun! It was a delicious breakfast and our Hubby's have there work cut out for them on mothers day! Thanks Mom and Dad for the fun weekend!

Bethany and my Mom did a mini Tri at the Rec center that morning in preparation for there upcoming one in a few weeks so they had there breakfast a little later.
Later on Saturday we went and had a Pedicure, went to lunch, then headed to Charming Charlie and had fun spending some Mothers day money given to us.

My parents always have deer in there yard which is cool but super annoying, they eat all there plants. My dad is hoping if he shoots a few of them with his paintball gun they will get the hint and move on!!
We went  to Gossip for dinner that night, so yummy! My favorite is there boba drinks!!

On Sunday the rest of the family came over for FHE and dinner. Liam is getting so big and it is so fun to see the cousins all interact! Tea and Liam watching a show together.

Remy's Nursery Rhyme Day

Remy's class has been working on memorization of some Nursery Rhymes. They had a parents day for them to show us what they had learned.
Remy and his best buddy Jared. At the beginning of the year he couldn't remember his name and referred to him as the boy with gold teeth! Remy then informed me that he wouldn't be brushing his teeth so he could have gold teeth like Jared! Funny boy!
Grandma Lil came to watch and helped Remy with his craft. 

Chelsea Baptism

Such a fun day for our family!! Chelsea is such an amazing gal I don't really even know where to start. Chelsea is in the same program with Travis and Provo College. She has become a close friend and a new member of our family. Travis is always great at sharing the gospel in simple ways any where. I will share my part in this awesome experience. Chelsea had been talking with Travis and other friends at school about the church for a few months. We were getting closer to asking her if she would meet with the missionaries, it was a few days before General Conference in October and I felt prompted to invite her over to watch it with us. For many this is an easy thing to do but for me I was terrified. We had become good friends working out together in the morning and having her over to hang out with us and the kiddos. I didn't want to ruin that, I know now it is worth taking the risk to ask someone or share something with someone and its okay if they don't accept. I finally got up the guts to ask her to watch conference with us and she agreed. It was such an awesome experience and the spirit was so strong in our home that day. A few weeks later we started meeting with the missionaries and Travis and I were able to be at a lot of those lessons. It was a fun and spiritual experience for our whole family and I feel so blessed that we got to be a part of it. I remember after coming home from the first lesson and sharing with the kids what they taught. They taught about Joseph Smith and the first vision and challenged her to pray and ask if it was true. I did the same thing for my kids. A few days later Chelsea came to pick me up to go to a friends for the next meeting and I was on the phone and Hudson became a little missionary. He asked her if she knew the story of Joseph Smith was true, she told he she was praying about it. He then told her to be prepared for the sad part then walked away and left her hanging. I later explained what he meant, it was pretty funny. I am so thankful we were able to meet Chelsea and be her friend, we love her and consider her family. She is such an amazing women!!

Travis' part:  Chelsea and I were assigned to be in a group together on the first day of orientation.  We had a good time and laughed a lot about just silly stuff.  As we began school I also sat next to her in the front row of the class.  She put up with all my smart-alack comments during class, and we soon became pretty good friends.  As classes became more difficult, everyone in our class started spending lots of time together studying and visiting.  Chels and I had several conversations about God and church stuff.  She shared some of her positive and negative experiences with the church.  During the whole time though, I'm thinking to myself, "This is the kind of woman that I would want to have be in my ward."  Chelsea has such a good heart, and a great love for people in her life.  I knew from the beginning that no matter the outcome of the discussions we would have a friend for life.  Our kids love her, and Rosie liked her too!  Sitting in discussions with Chels and watching her grow and learn spiritually has been one of the best experiences I have ever had in the church.  When you genuinely love another person as fellow child of our Heavenly Father, you just feel like sharing the gospel with them is a natural progression of your friendship.  I have shared the gospel many times as a missionary, however sharing this blessing with someone who means as much to me and my family as Chelsea has been the most meaningful to me.  I am grateful everyday for the chance to know her, and it was a sacred privilege to be the one to baptize her.  I know she will find success and I pray she will always know that the Lord loves her.  She literally has become family to me and I would do anything to help her.  She is one of the bravest women I have ever met with a heart of gold.  Leroy is a very lucky man to be marrying her, and I pray they will always remember the Lord and the blessings he has given them as they move forward with this new chapter of their lives together.  
Chelsea and her boyfriend Leroy ( fiance now!)

Friends from the PTA Provo College program there to support her. 

Thursday, May 1, 2014


Woot woot! The day has come! This handsome man passed the Licensure test for PTA and is official all done with school! It has been a long 4 years and we are so proud of him!! Now onto finding a job!
I had my talented Aunt Coz write a poem to send out to announce his Graduation:

Drum roll please….strike up the band!
A joyful announcement is sweeping the land!
On May 17th of this year…..
An awesome new Graduate will now appear!
Travis J. Whatcott… husband and dad,
Has finished his schooling and we are SO GLAD!

Its been a long journey, an adventure of sorts,
Covering six different colleges and some tropical ports.
Utah, California and Puerto Rico, too….
Eleven moves total with his Family True Blue.
He has worked many jobs all along the way—
From plumber to phlebotomist… so the bills he could pay!

His wife of ten years is his number one fan
The one who kept saying “ I know that you can!”
And while he’s been studying… both near and far
Three (almost four) children have  filled up his car.
Hudson, Remy and Tea too….say
Congratulations Dad… we’re proud of you!!

Utah State University
Bachelors of Health and Physical Education

Provo College
Associates Physical Therapist Assistant 

Easter 2014

The Saturday before Easter we headed over to Grandma Lil's and Papa's for an Easter egg hunt, way funnier than the crazy Provo city one last year.
Getting there instructions before the hunt began 
Finding the eggs with the letter "t" 
Hudson jumping down after climbing up to get one of his eggs 
Papa in time out, haha! 

Travis assisting Remy in a few egg recoveries
We had to tease Grandma a little bit for doing an inventory of the eggs after the hunt 
The kids all had one egg with a note in it that told them to take it to Grandma for a special surprise. Grandparents are so fun and the best!

They all got a kite and it was perfect weather to fly them they all had a fun time flying there kites.

Easter morning in there new church clothes! This is the best picture we came out with.The boys were so excited to have matching green pants like there dad.

Silly poses are the easiest ones to get them to do, imagine that! 

Helping shade the kids for pictures, and we wonder where Hudson gets the silly face poses. 
Like father Like son

Spring Break 2014

Cooking marshmallows, Tea was so excited about the marshmallow she cooked until she tried a bite and was not happy with the burnt taste.

A rare occasion for these two, getting along. Tea let Remy brush her hair and try and put it in a pony tail. It may have only lasted a few minutes but it happened!
We did a lot of swimming in St. George this week, it was in the 80's and such awesome weather.

We may have had several visits to Swig! So yummy! 
For spring break this year I took the kids and Riva meet us in St. George for a week of fun! Travis came down for a quick day to surprise us! We took the kids to the carousel it was the best few dollars we spent it was really cheap and they loved it.

Viola letting Tea do her hair, she is such a nice girl and loves to play with Tea, by that I mean lets Teas boss her around.
Love these kiddos so much, they are like family! Olivia, Hudson, Gavin, Remy,Davis, Viola, and Tea.
Tea was not happy to be taking a picture in the sun, Travis was more than happy to strike a pose! 
The flowers were all so pretty at the St. George Temple grounds

The first few days Tea was so sick, we had to do breathing treatments in the middle of the night the first night and thankfully I was able to get her on a steroid that helped her get better in just a few days, poor girl!