Thursday, May 1, 2014

Spring Break 2014

Cooking marshmallows, Tea was so excited about the marshmallow she cooked until she tried a bite and was not happy with the burnt taste.

A rare occasion for these two, getting along. Tea let Remy brush her hair and try and put it in a pony tail. It may have only lasted a few minutes but it happened!
We did a lot of swimming in St. George this week, it was in the 80's and such awesome weather.

We may have had several visits to Swig! So yummy! 
For spring break this year I took the kids and Riva meet us in St. George for a week of fun! Travis came down for a quick day to surprise us! We took the kids to the carousel it was the best few dollars we spent it was really cheap and they loved it.

Viola letting Tea do her hair, she is such a nice girl and loves to play with Tea, by that I mean lets Teas boss her around.
Love these kiddos so much, they are like family! Olivia, Hudson, Gavin, Remy,Davis, Viola, and Tea.
Tea was not happy to be taking a picture in the sun, Travis was more than happy to strike a pose! 
The flowers were all so pretty at the St. George Temple grounds

The first few days Tea was so sick, we had to do breathing treatments in the middle of the night the first night and thankfully I was able to get her on a steroid that helped her get better in just a few days, poor girl!