Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Prego Pumpkin

Well lets just say that doing this was not planned. Twenty minutes before Hudson's Halloween party on base, I decided to paint my belly. Well this is way out of my comfort zone to go to a party with my belly hanging out. Everyone loved it and about ten minutes into the party I was done sharing my pumpkin belly and pulled down my shirt. Now I can't believe that I am sharing these pictures with all of you. Maybe Puerto Rico is making me more daring. just kidding! It must be the pregnancy hormones. Or all the sugar from Halloween candy.

Happy Halloween

Hudson was a Shark for Halloween this year. It was the best costume that we could find that
he wouldn't sweat to death in. It was sure a different Halloween experience not being freezing but sweating. Travis didn't love the idea that I left Hudson thighs out for everyone to see but it was sure cute to see his white thighs and tan calf running around with a tail behind him. Plus it is way to hot to wear any pants underneath. He enjoyed Trick of Treating he just has a hard time with wanting to eat his candy as we go.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Pregnant Belly

I have had a few requests for a pregnant belly picture and their not always the easiest to share. Well i am 30 weeks pregnant and don't have much more to go. Which is good because i am having a hard time keeping up with Hudson . Everything is going good except that last time I went to the doctor my blood sugar was a little high from that glucose test so he just wanted me to do a 3hr one just to be safe. Let me tell you how fun that was. I don't know how they expect a pregnant woman to fast for 3 hrs. Then its really fun to get your blood drawn 5 times. Oh well it could be worse .

Family Night

Hudson trying to wait patiently for
more cookies to decorate.

Adding the candy corns was Huddy's job

Yummmy licking my fingers.

Big Bites for a little boy, he gets that from his Dad!!

Finally a bite of cookie for me. and i loved it!

I think Hudson enjoyed this family activity the most. Between keeping him from eating to many candy corn and trying to get frosting on his fingers from the cookies to lick it was an exciting night. We had to keep reminding him the cookies were for our friends and he could have one after dinner. When we delivered the cookies he would say "Happy Halloween" and he then would try to eat there cookies. He is such a silly boy. Dad and Hudson sure enjoyed their cookie together when we were all done.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Piones Beach

Yesterday we went to the beach and before we played I tried to get a new picture of Hudson to replace the 18 month one on our wall. Lets just say I am excited to have a baby to take pictures of that doesn't move. I Have decided that Hudson is the most impossible person to take a picture of. He is a moving target, and would be perfect at any target practice. We went to Piones Beach. Not many people go here so you have the whole beach to your self. The waves are pretty brutal. They took me down, sorry you missed the sight of a 7 1/2 month pregnant woman being taken down by a wave. We mostly just play in the sand and run in the water. It is a beautiful beach. Come and see us!!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Old San Juan

We went to explore Old San Juan, all the roads are made of bricks and lets just say driving on them isn't the safest. They look like the have been threw an earth quake and the pot holes are unbelievable. The homes and buildings are all panted neat colors. They have a lot of yummy cafes, we've only been to one but have heard of many. When the big Cruise ships pull into port all the street vender's come out to sell all sorts of stuff.

Fort Cristobal

This is one of the largest forts. It was built in 1634 and was used to protect the city. It was huge. Hudson liked all the dark tunnels. He would keep pointing towards all the tunnels and say "that way", what a demanding two year old. But we sure love him!

Isla Verde

This was our first time to a Puerto Rico beach. The water is so warm and it was so fun to watch Hudson's reaction to us just walking right into the water and it not turning us to ice cubes.

We were used to the Northern Cali. beaches were it is freezing. Hudson just loved that he could swim around and not freeze.