Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Nap Time

I've been caught!

Every once in a while Hudson won't take a nap, It dosen't happen to often thank goodness because I am not ready to have him not have one. Well this was about three weeks ago I thought Hudson was a sleep, think again. Well I could hear noise in his room so I went to see what he was up to. He had climbed into an empty diaper box and had his binki and blanket and his three dog's in their with him! Little stinker! He sure keeps us laughing. Did I mention that he is doing so good at going potty on the toliet! Yeah , we still have a few accidents here and their but he will go in and go all by himself!! I never thought he would do it but he did when he was ready to.


Remy in his beach hat

Remy snoozing on the beach

Hudson enjoying some chips!!!

I have been meaning to post these pictures for a while know! this was 3 weeks ago when my cousin was visiting we went down to one of our farvorite beaches on another part of the island. They have a nice beach for kids and tons of sea glass. If you don't know what that is I will tell you, it is glass from bottles that have been polished over time. We find white, brown , green, and blue glass. It is quite addicting to pick it up.


Hudson and McCoy

Getting into trouble! Hudson showing McCoy what he thinks is a treasure chest.

At the beach

Travis took this cool picture of some sea shells at survivor beach. There were a ton of little ones.

Travis's Sister Norine and her husband Brandon came to visist with their boy McCoy. It was so fun to have them with us. Hudson did a pretty good job at sharing his toys with his cousin McCoy. We went to some fun beaches while they were here and had a good time visiting. Thanks again guys for coming!

Remy"s First Haircut



On Sunday we decided that it was time to cut Remy's Hair. He was starting to lose his hair on the sides and the top and back were really long. He did so good he just sat in his chair and dind't cry or fuss at all. He is such a good baby we can't complain. He will be three months tommorow so we will let you know how much he is weighing in at tommorow.