Saturday, May 28, 2011

Smores Yummy!!

The boys have been wanting to roast some of those huge marshmallows for a while so when Uncle Brady and Aunt Alley came up to visit for the weekend we built a fire in the back yard and enjoyed some delicious smores.
 Remy usually burns his, he makes me so nervous his will start on fire and he could be deadly with the way he moves it around.
After, good thing the marshmallows are so sticky or else that graham cracker would be a goner

Travis went into the shed and came out with a pitch fork took it in the house then came out already to roast. It was so funny and worked great, of course he washed it good, well I hope so.

Don't mind my scary hair, I had been cleaning the house and the garage out all day we are official all unpacked!
Daisy even enjoyed some marshmallows!
Uncle Brady and Aunt Alley, we had a nice weekend visiting. It is so nice to have some of our family close I love it!!! Know if we could just get my parents home from there mission it would be complete. Thank goodness my sister Bethany will be going to BYU this year so we will be able to see her. My brother Parley will also be home from his mission in 3 weeks and we are trying to get him to come live with us and go to school at USU. 3 weeks from this coming Wednesday we will be flying to NC I can't wait!!!!!!
Tea even had a bite, thanks dad! 

Tea's new trick!

Tea is getting so close to crawling, she can go backwards and just screams frustration when she can't go forward. We were all playing around after dinner one night and she kept doing this sweet yoga move. We would clap and cheer for her and she would do it again and thought she was pretty hot stuff.

Remy trying to help her, she doesn't need help to roll over but he likes to think she does.
When she does move forward she does a face plant crawl/ army crawl it is so funny and I need to video it because it is hard to explain. Ahhh I love this sweet chubby girl I wish I could freeze time and she would stop growing. 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Hudson turns six!

 Holy Cow I can't believe that my baby is 6! We are so happy that he is in our family, he is growing up so fast! Hudson is such a fun boy, he is so sweet to his baby sister and loves to play with his brother. He is such a touchy boy and loves to snuggle. This year we decided to do cupcakes, we borrowed a book from my friend and I let Hudson pick which ones he wanted. I was not surprised that he picked the sharks he loves sharks.
 We had his party the weekend before his Birthday since Travis family was up this way already for the race. Hudson chose pizza for dinner, again no surprise there.

 Hudson got some fun presents from everyone, he loves transformers and spider man and received both what a lucky boy. On his actual birthday we took them to see Rio which they loved I am still trying to get over the fact that it cost so much for a 3D movie.

 Taking the first bite of the cake!
 Remy of course had to join in on the fun!
Hudson had his last day of Kindergarten last week. This is his teacher Mrs. Cook. We all loved her, she was such a awesome teacher and Hudson learned so much and she encouraged them to explore and learn. Hudson loves to learn about animals and dinosaurs. He loves to draw pictures  them and there bones, he has turned into quite the artist lately I wish my scanner was working. It is even harder to believe that he will be in first grade and gone all day. What will me and Remy do with out him?

Idaho Falls Trip

 I love this picture, is looks like she is picking her nose but I love the face.
 Cute Paisley, It has been so fun living closer to my niece and nephew. My kids have also loved having cousins to play with.
 Getting ready to go swimming in the hotel pool

 This was Tea's first time in a pool, she did pretty good then we put her in the hot tub and she was all about splashing and happy. I think the pool was to cold she loved the warm water.
 The reason we went to Idaho was to support our family. My nephew McCoy has hearing aids and my sister in law and brother in law found this race that is to raise money for cochlear implants.It was called the MAD marathon. They also had a 1/2 and a 5 and 10 K. We decided to do the 5 k so that Hudson could ride his bike and make it a family activity. It was really fun, the best part was Hudson telling me I needed to hurry so we could get to the front so we could win the race. Kaylee and Moses from the biggest loser where there, it was fun to see them and tell them how awesome they looked. We got a picture with moses. I have let Hudson and Remy watch a little of the show before and reminded them about it and Hudson wanted to say hi so we did and Remy said " I see you on TV". I don't now if he really remembered but it was funny anyways.
All of the family and Friends that were there to support McCoy.

Goldilocks Bike Race and Weekend fun!

Grandma Ber and Grandpa Fuddy were able to join us for dinner at Brady's house the night before the bike race. I have been wanting to have them over for dinner and since we live 2 hrs away we came to them. I am so thankful for such awesome grandparents. I visit them every chance I get, my grandpa is suffering from dementia, my grandma takes such good care of him. He still has his sense of humor and we love them both so much! 

Remy enjoying his caramel easter egg from Grandma Ber, yummy!   
 We had strawberry short cake for dessert, lets just say Hudson really enjoyed it!
 Tea being cute
 My cousin Dani has put together this awesome race called Goldilocks, it is an all women bike race for beginner riders all they way to advanced. My cousin Jessica, sister in law Alley and me rode the 40 mile route and had so much fun!I was a little nervous because I had not been on a bike in forever and did no training. Thank goodness for crossfit, I was able to ride the whole thing and I wasn't even sore the next day. My poor bum would have not been happy if I rode a bike the next day but other than that it was great.
 Having a jolly rancher to keep us going.
 Stretching, haha it was more of a pose for my mom, right mom recognize this?
 Making it up the camp Williams road, huge climb with head wind = extra fun!
Enjoying a yummy lunch after the race, I had so much fun riding with those girls. I can't wait to ride the one in Vegas in the fall. 

Travis helped with the race, wearing our race shirts!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Baby Girl

 I couldn't pass up these leg ins that look like jean and this purple sweater! I was so excited to get her dressed this morning! I am so grateful to have such a happy girl in our family she makes it feel more complete. I also bought her a cute purple skirt, Remy picked it up at the store and kept saying " Tea look like a princess",  how could I resist I will have to take some pic and post them of her in her skirt!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

9 Months

Tea is 9 months old! I can't believe how much she has changed in the last few months. She has been rolling over to reach things she wants and is getting close to crawling. She wants to be on the move so bad I think it makes her angry some times. She has also found her voice and loves to her it, it will be interesting to have a screamer around. The boys adore her and love to make her laugh and smile, she loves them as well and gets the biggest kick out of them. She has started getting upset when I leave the room to do something which is not so fun. She is an awesome sleeper and napper!  
She got a baby doll in her Easter basket and it is fun to see her with it. I know she has no idea that it is a baby but it is fun having some girl toys around poor girl might not have to play with just monster trucks and cars.
She loves to spit and blow bubbles, she will start doing it and won't stop for a while sometimes. I will start making another noise that she will mimic and she stops for a second and smiles and starts blowing again. 
Weight 18 lbs 11 oz ( Remy weighed this much at 4 months)!
Length  26 1/2 inches 
It is fun to see her chunky legs more now that is getting warmer!