Friday, July 30, 2010


July 23rd

Travis surprised me with some beautiful flowers for my birthday. He also signed me up for a fun class to learn how to do the antique looking temple pictures. I had a really nice birthday, we had our good friends the Juarez's up to Logan to visit. We got up to Logan with the boys on the 21st of July and have settled in as much as we can until all our stuff arrives at the end of August. The house we are renting is some what furnished and we borrowed some kitchen supplies and are making it work. It has been so nice to be in our own area with the boys and let them get used to there new house. Change is hard, it has been for all of us. We are so excited and grateful to be back in Utah. Moving is hard and the boys have been threw a lot. They have been sick from all the climate change and allergy's. They both had ear infections last week and buggers from heck. Remy woke up one morning calling for help and we went up to get him and his eyes were sealed shut! Poor boy. They both have loved having a yard with a sand box and we bought a tramp. It is nice to be able to let them go out and play.
Kiddos enjoying there pie!
We didn't have any candles so Travis got really creative the kids though that was pretty funny. When I was growing up we got to pick what kind of cake we wanted, I am not a huge fan of cake so my mom would make this yummy raspberry cheesecake for me. As we were driving into Logan they had a fresh raspberry stand and it reminded me of the yummy pie so that is what I made for my birthday.

I think we found our new favorite spot in Logan, it is only 6 minutes away from our house. There is a dam in the Logan river up the canyon were they have built a nice path way were you can fish. At the end of the path is a spot were the boys can stand in the river and through rocks in. They love it, whats not to love about water and rocks.

It was a miracle that no one got hit in the head with a rock, we had a few close calls.
Riva and I and our prego belly's! She is having her first boy and we are having our first girl. It has been fun to be pregnant with one of my best friends she is due a few weeks after me.

Hudson, Remy, Olivia, and Viola.

I haven't taken a prego picture for a while. Here I am at 37 weeks pregnant. I am so excited to have a baby soon, but so nervous to have three kids. My due date is on August 13th, my Doctor is going to start me on the 9th. Not to far away!!!


July 15th

When Travis got to town we went down to Delta to visit his family. We had a really nice visit and when we left it was so nice to say see you in a few weeks instead of a year. It is so nice to be back close to family. They had this welcome home banner for us.

We weren't able to fire works on the forth of July so we did it a little late. The boys were sucked in as you can see. They had a lot of fun playing with there cousins!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Frampton Family Reunion

July 10th

Grandma Ber bought all these watermelons for the kids to eat and get some fun pictures with. The kids loved it!

The boys had so much fun playing with all the cousins, this ball has been around for a long time! Too much fun!
Remy loved the slide, he was up and down that thing all day with his brother!
Cute boys striking a pose, Hudson and Jessie were born just a few weeks apart.
Remy and Janey

Travis was able to get all the moving things in Puerto Rico done and was able to fly in a few days before the reunion. This is what he surprised us with, he shaved it off right away because it was driving him crazy ( thank goodness) !

North Carolina

July 1st-6th

Grandma and Grandpa reading a story to the boys the last night we were there. We had so much fun with them. It is fun to see them busy at work with the missionary's! Visits always go way to fast I am just grateful for the time that we get to be with them.
Watching a movie with Aunt Beth! They love to follow her around and are always sure to know where Aunt Beth is. Remy says Aunt Beth really good it is fun to hear him ask for her.
This is what we did for the fourth of July. On the way to church they had all the flags out, I was explaining to Hudson about the Forth of July and what a special day it is for our country and told him it was like a birthday for our country. He quickly replied, "we need to make a cake today then". Here are the boys frosting away!

It is so beautiful in NC, it is really different from the jungle we lived in!
Grandma bought the boys a slip in slid to play on while we were there they loved it. They did really good until it got a little to cold for there Puerto Rico blood!

Sword fighting with PaPa

Remy loves basketball! Here is Grandma helping him make a basket, she got a great workout that day. Remy would also watch Hudson make baskets and cheer for him and always had a big high five for him every time he would make a basket. They are good buddies and I am so glad that they like to play together and get along most of the time.

We went to take pizza to the missionary's and visit Grandpa at the zone leader training.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lazy 5 Ranch

July 2nd 2010

In North Carolina they have a ranch with animals that you pay to drive threw to see them. It was really fun with the boys! I think I laughed for five minutes straight at the beginning just watching the boys reactions to the animals coming up to the car. The best was when the ostriches would stick there heads in the windows! Remy learned to move to the other side of the car when they would walk up. Hudson got braver as we went along and even feed the animals from the window. We saw a lot of pot belly pigs, goats, buffalo, sheep, cattle, zebras, giraffes, and one rhino. I don't think it would have been as fun with out the kids and there reactions. Hudson keeps asking if we can go back. I wish Travis could have been with us. He is in PR for a few more days to be there when the movers come on Tuesday. Our car is at the place to be shipped so only a few more things and he will be able to join us in Utah on Friday!!! We miss him!

Hudson's first encounter with the ostrich, Remy already ran away to the other side of the car but Hudson took a few steps backwards and was a little concerned and didn't quite know how to react.

This is how Remy would act when an ostrich was close, he would grip the car firmly then make this face.

This was a little to close for Remy, he was so freaked out! You are not supposed to get out of your cars but we needed a quick picture with the giraffes. Good thing there are no carnivores on this ranch!

Remy makes the funniest faces and this is one he did often on this trip when he would see an animal getting closer.

Remy trying to escape because I was trying to get him a little to close to the window when he sensed danger!

Remy decided that he would try the animal food, this is the face he made when I asked him what it tasted like. Don't think we will have that problem again.

It was really neat to be so close to the zebras, there where a few and they would walk right up to the window. Aunt Beth pet one, it was a little scary!