Saturday, July 3, 2010

Aunt Beth came to visit!!

June 21-30th 2010

The last week we were in Puerto Rico my sister Bethany came to visit. We had so much fun and it was nice to have her there. We were able to take her to the fun resort for a few nights and made it to escarbrone beach. She was a huge help with the boys since when we weren't playing I was in moving packing mode. She is an awesome aunt and the boys had so much fun playing with her. They really had a hard time not waking her up in the morning, sorry Beth! Thanks Mom and Dad for sending her it was so nice to have someone come to visit and made the last week of moving less stressful. I am so grateful for such an awesome sister and I love her so much so is such an awesome example to me and I am so glad she is my sister!

Having fun at the water park at the resort
Travis was as happy as a little boy with this slide. It is a really steep one that you are supposed to lay down on well he discovered if you went down sitting up and try to lift up your bottom you could skim across on top of the water. He had a little bit of fun trying to get father each time. He almost ran me over once while I was watching. I later heard a few men talking to each other and say, " he did you see that guy sitting up on the slide, he was flying down. I tried to sit up and go that far, he almost ran into a lady". Haha nice one Travis!
We had the AC on really low in our room and when we came back from swimming Remy was freezing. Travis tucked him in nice and tight!
We were able to go to the beach one last time on Monday before we flew out on Wednesday. We went to one of our favorites, Escrabrone. I will miss the warm beautiful beach's. Hudson was also pretty sad that this would the last time also. One of my good friends Amber and her two cute girls came along. It was nice to see them one last time, we will miss all our friends!
The kids found this branch and Hudson decided it was a tree and planted it. It kept them busy watering it for a while.
Amber with her two girls Lina and Brinley. Hudson and Lina were also in the same primary class and had a little crush on each other. My boys play really good with them, they seem to be a little bit more mellow around girls. Hopefully Tea will have the same effect!!
Remy was a little upset that the water was burning his eyes.


mardymeans said...

Those pictures almost make me miss Puerto Rico! It definitely makes me miss you though!! Your sister is so pretty!! I'm glad she was able to be there for you!

The Reed Family said...

we are going to miss you!!! what resort were you at? It looks fun... might have to try it!