Thursday, July 29, 2010

North Carolina

July 1st-6th

Grandma and Grandpa reading a story to the boys the last night we were there. We had so much fun with them. It is fun to see them busy at work with the missionary's! Visits always go way to fast I am just grateful for the time that we get to be with them.
Watching a movie with Aunt Beth! They love to follow her around and are always sure to know where Aunt Beth is. Remy says Aunt Beth really good it is fun to hear him ask for her.
This is what we did for the fourth of July. On the way to church they had all the flags out, I was explaining to Hudson about the Forth of July and what a special day it is for our country and told him it was like a birthday for our country. He quickly replied, "we need to make a cake today then". Here are the boys frosting away!

It is so beautiful in NC, it is really different from the jungle we lived in!
Grandma bought the boys a slip in slid to play on while we were there they loved it. They did really good until it got a little to cold for there Puerto Rico blood!

Sword fighting with PaPa

Remy loves basketball! Here is Grandma helping him make a basket, she got a great workout that day. Remy would also watch Hudson make baskets and cheer for him and always had a big high five for him every time he would make a basket. They are good buddies and I am so glad that they like to play together and get along most of the time.

We went to take pizza to the missionary's and visit Grandpa at the zone leader training.