Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lazy 5 Ranch

July 2nd 2010

In North Carolina they have a ranch with animals that you pay to drive threw to see them. It was really fun with the boys! I think I laughed for five minutes straight at the beginning just watching the boys reactions to the animals coming up to the car. The best was when the ostriches would stick there heads in the windows! Remy learned to move to the other side of the car when they would walk up. Hudson got braver as we went along and even feed the animals from the window. We saw a lot of pot belly pigs, goats, buffalo, sheep, cattle, zebras, giraffes, and one rhino. I don't think it would have been as fun with out the kids and there reactions. Hudson keeps asking if we can go back. I wish Travis could have been with us. He is in PR for a few more days to be there when the movers come on Tuesday. Our car is at the place to be shipped so only a few more things and he will be able to join us in Utah on Friday!!! We miss him!

Hudson's first encounter with the ostrich, Remy already ran away to the other side of the car but Hudson took a few steps backwards and was a little concerned and didn't quite know how to react.

This is how Remy would act when an ostrich was close, he would grip the car firmly then make this face.

This was a little to close for Remy, he was so freaked out! You are not supposed to get out of your cars but we needed a quick picture with the giraffes. Good thing there are no carnivores on this ranch!

Remy makes the funniest faces and this is one he did often on this trip when he would see an animal getting closer.

Remy trying to escape because I was trying to get him a little to close to the window when he sensed danger!

Remy decided that he would try the animal food, this is the face he made when I asked him what it tasted like. Don't think we will have that problem again.

It was really neat to be so close to the zebras, there where a few and they would walk right up to the window. Aunt Beth pet one, it was a little scary!


mardymeans said...

That looks so fun! Your boys are so dang cute and funny! I love the pic of Remy squirming away from you, LOL! You're going to have to change your title caption, because you are NOT in Puerto Rico anymore! Love you!